Edgardo Valdes


After opening up his season only 2 weeks ago (or was it one week ago) in a 2:01, valdes drops a 1:56 at sectionals and instantly becomes the favorite?? at state. An exceptional talent!


He completely destroyed the field over the final 200. Amazing to watch.


Here are the results:

Boys 800 Meter Run Division 2
    Facility:   1:55.62  5/23/2013   Jake Schimenz, Brown Deer                 
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  H# Points
  1 Edgardo Valdes            JR Shorewood              1:56.37   2  10   
  2 Thomas Datka              SR Milw. Lutheran         1:58.36   2   8   
  3 Tommy Martin              JR New Berlin West        1:58.89   2   6   
  4 Josh McLinn               SO Waupun Area            1:59.70   2   5   
  5 Quyn Duffy                SR Ripon                  2:00.01   2   4   
  6 Grady Davis               SO New Berlin West        2:05.03   1   3   
  7 Benny Frase               SO Kewaskum               2:09.37   2   2   
  8 Cameron Mills             SR Kenosha St. Joes       2:09.94   1   1   
  9 Duncan Petrie             JR Univ. Sch. Milw.       2:10.75   2 
 10 Max Beuthin               SO Ripon                  2:11.48   1 
 11 Nick Unora                JR St. Thomas More        2:15.08   1 
 12 Alex Marin                JR Jefferson              2:15.85   2 
 13 Troy Humpal               SR CatholicMemorial       2:26.24   2 
 14 Luke Nuzzo                JR Kenosha St. Joes       2:27.12   1 



He was lucky that he was not DQ’d and he and his father got a pretty stern warning about his father “pacing” him on the backstretch. Plus a lack of sportsmanship for thumping his chest and yelling I got this the last 200 meters. :unamused:

He did surprise us all. I wonder if the Lodi runner will be able to challenge him? Others?


If he had a few more weeks to get in shape I think the only competition we would be speaking about is will he wipe Alec kostich and Jacob Goldberg from the shorewood record books but I think their are a few guys who can beat him such as kav Fitzpatrick who probably has a 1:55 in him or better and as far as I can see is only running the 800 so will be fresh. The mile is very even with like 6-8 guys who can win and the Lodi runner might be a little tired from that race. @zeeeblob with regards to the antics, I think the coaches of shorewood did an awesome job running the program in the professional way they want the program to be and made him earn his way back on the team. To bench a star is hard and shows that you guys do things in a way you take pride in so I sincerely commend you and I commend him for sticking with it and not quitting and earning his way back on the team whatever that entailed. However now that he has earned his way back i wouldn’t sweat the Small stuff. The dad running on the infield is on the dad he shouldn’t have been there but hard to blame the son and i guess I see that kind of “I got this” talk all the time in sprinting basketball even tennis (where I’m headed right now) so I don’t think its meant disrespectful it’s meant to self motivate. I think you have proven you run a top notch program and the results over the years already prove that, but I guess I wouldn’t worry about the little things just keep guiding him to doing things better and if he does something Big wrong well then that’s different. That’s my thoughts but I’m a big believer in second and third and fourth chances and I’m not a coach so i understand if people would have different opinions


Geez. I saw some contact on the pass. But didn’t see any of the other shenanigans.


@Goforthewin thanks for the compliment! We hold ourselves to a high standard and take pride in our program. I won’t go into much detail as we are still talking about HS athletes and we are beyond fourth chances. So for now he’s running. He’s been warned about sportsmanship and pacing. Although It will be hard for his father to be on the track in LaCrosse.

@pileri there was some contact and I expect a bit of that in the 800. Emotions and energy can be high for coaches who’s runners missed advancing and things like a bump/push or pacing can set coaches off.

1:55 to 1:53.56 is a bit to drop. But you never know. Maier could be in the hunt and I do not know enough about Kav being able to drop more time. We shall see in a week.


I’m just seeing that kav Fitzpatrick is in the slow heat of the 800 which will make it hard for him to compete. My guess is he ran to win at sectionals and didn’t focus on time but he should have realized this could happen. Makes him less of a threat but I still think he drops a fast time in the slow heat but hard to go too fast alone for most people. If he runs a 1:56 first heat solo may pressure the tactics of the fast heat, would love to see the winner come from the slow heat one of these days just to keep things honest


He was back at it again this weekend finishing third in the Pepsi relays in 1:55.01. That’s an outdoor time that should own the leadership board until the sun starts to truly shine in Wisconsin if not sectionals