Easiest way to run a XC meet


Greetings from down in Philadelphia… I will be back in NJ soon hopefully coaching there!

Anyways we are running a 6 week middle school XC league here in Philadelphia… roughly 15 teams, 7 per team… with a 2.5 mile race. I need to know the easiest way to time a meet and make sure results can be configured within a reasonable time period.

This league can’t afford to have FAT timing systems come in… so my immediate reaction was to have kids wear a bib and tear the bottom off as they hit the shoot.

Then the issue becomes how do you hand time 125 some odd kids per race? What’s the easiest way to go about this guys! Any help would be great.


have each kid wear a 3x5 card on it with name and school. have 1 person time every finisher. have each kid pull their card in the back of the chute and keep them in order. go right to the watch when everyone is finished and put the times on the cards. you can type up the results at night and email the other coaches official results/scores/etc. or do it on site hand written and just make copies if one is available


we still use a SEIKO S149 for most of our meets. Can keep up to 300 splits, will number them, and you can print them off straight from the timer as well. Throw in bibs like you are planning and you should be set. It’s no fancy FAT system, but it’s a great tool for getting all the hand timed splits/finishes you’ll ever need, and the printing capability just makes it all the better.


Thisis the way that most non-FAT meets are done in my experience and works quite well. You only need one person to time but you need several in the chute to ensure that people stay in order, don’t pass after the finish line, etc. If this is low-key and you don’t need to be able to ID runners on the course and can therefore do without real bibs, use the 3x5 index cards held on with one pin. Tear the cards and match from the printout off the S149 very easily after the race.

M-F Athletics has S149s on sale for $360 now but you might be able to do better elsewhere. http://www.everythingtrackandfield.com/detail.aspx?ID=2916&CategoryID=391&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter2010-08-26&utm_campaign=annual+sale


When I hosted the Wagner Inv we would staple labels on index cards. Each team would write the runner’s name and team/school on it. We would have a big poster board with place #s. We would peel off the label and put on the board next to their place. One person would time all places and put next to the appropriate label. It would take no time to tabulate team scores and then we would post the poster board where everyone could see it and get their times.