Earth Day 2010


40th Earthday

Plans,thoughts and images?

Sarah Palin as a treehugger?



I wonder what this year’s will be.


I wonder what the googleimage would have been in 1970.


On the day after “Earth Day”, while all the self-righteous hippies are still sleeping off all of the tree-humping, bong-hitting, capitalist-trashing antics of the day before, I plan on undoing all of the “good” they think they’ve accomplised.

So I hereby declare this and every future April 23rd to be “Anti-Earth Day”!

(If you are reading this after April 23rd, don’t despair, because really, shouldn’t everyday be “Anti-Earth Day”?)

There are no fast and hard rules for “Anti-Earth Day”, except one: whatever “they” say to do because it’s good for the Earth, do the opposite. Some unwashed mass of jobless losers is chanting “Save the Trees”? Go out and cut down as many of the freeking things as you can. Somebody yells at you for “littering”? Tell them you call it “Decorating.” And then dump over a few garbage cans in the park for good measure.