Dyestat/TrackTalk Posters at Trials


Chris Derrick
Justin Frick
Jesse Williams
AJ Acosta



viren_is_a_ninja, made the semis in the 800m


CG_Batch = Rob Novak, right?

Brian Gagnon used to post a long while back


viren_is_a_ninja was leading most of the second heat. someone had to lead, he got started out in lane 8. not making excuses for him not qualifying, just saying he went for it. that’s all you can do.


Frick made the final of the HJ!


I am not sure if I’m supposed to ask this…but what is Derrick’s account name?:slight_smile: :smiley: Sorry if this is against the rules. I’m a big fan.


Doesn’t post on TrackTalk, but back in the day he was derrick08 on Dyestat. Not much of a secret…


Ortho is there as well.


In the race walk, right?



edit: oh were we talking competitors only? meh.

Also, free skurey.


didn’t realize they added the dick sucking competition this year


Missed Eaton’s WR today because I was sitting at home in my underpants. For shame.


CG Batch went to hs and college with Novak, and is currently at the trials as a coach of the NY/NJ Track Club

That the was the first event I checked results for when I got home tonight. Great to see that.


Less shameful than if you had been clad in anything other than your underpants in your own home.


doesnt chris slate post on here?


Is this best we have on this, underpants posting?

Skurey? You get away with that? I called someone a jack ass and got told to delete that.

That is inapproriate.


I paid extra for a gold account so I can say such things. But no Joe L will probably see that and yell at me as usual.


Indeed , you may have to go on that one, as bad a comment as I have seen in 10+ years

Or, on letsrun, you would look like a newbie


i invited skurey to go to the trials as a spectator with me, but he’s too poor. have two tix to thurs (5k finals, 3k steeple men’s final, 1500 prelims, men’s pole vault and discus finals). even offered him -$150 off his plane tick. prob gon go alone on thursday.


Thank you for that image.

Section U yesterday and today.

I simply can’t wrap my head around it.

How the heck do you break the decathlon WR in conditions like this . . .

He did get better weather for part of today at least.