DyeStat to Make Comeback


I just posted this over in the Illinois forum, but I thought I’d throw it up here for the rest of you in case you don’t want to make the trek over there:

Just saw the news via Mike Newman’s twitter.

Here is the announcement, which I’ve also copied and pasted below:

By David Monti
© 2012 Race Results Weekly, all rights reserved - used with permission.

(07-Dec) – DyeStat.com, which established itself as the most important website in American high school cross country and track and field before it was purchased by ESPN and eventually shuttered, will be revived through a new partnership with RunnerSpace.com.

Ross Krempley, RunnerSpace.com president, said that DyeStat.com founder John Dye would again be involved with the site he created in 1999, and that site users would have access to all of DyeStat.com’s valuable archives.

“The RunnerSpace.com staff is very excited and honored that John Dye has faith in us to keep the DyeStat brand and archives alive going forward,” said Krempley in a statement obtained by Race Results Weekly in advance of the official announcement. “Everyone on our team has grown up with DyeStat and have always looked up to them as the go-to source for high school cross country and track & field, so partnering up on this was a perfect fit for us. DyeStat has archives of countless moments that defined our sport going back to 1999, so losing all of that amazing content and history from the sport was going to be a tragedy in our opinion.”

In 2004, DyeStat.com was purchased by Student Sports of Torrance, Calif., which in turn was purchased by ESPN in 2008. When ESPN closed its high school sites in September of this year (ESPN RISE), Dye reacquired the DyeStat.com assets. He is clearly excited to see the site that he and his wife Donna created come back to life.

“As I retire from active coverage of high school track, I am delighted to hand the DyeStat baton to Ross Krempley,” Dye said in a statement. “He shares my passion for the sport and brings new energy to it. He expands recognition of the deserving young men and women in the best high school sport.”

RunnerSpace.com is headquartered in Eugene, Ore., and provides a breadth of coverage of running and athletics through a mix of written, photographic and video content, some of it user-generated. Adding DyeStat.com seems like a natural fit for the site which already has a strong high school following. The site recently wrapped up their coverage of the Nike Cross Nationals in Portland, Ore.

“John Dye and the whole DyeStat staff has been through a lot over the past 13 years and we will do our best to continue the traditions that made DyeStat the number one high school cross country and track & field site for over a decade,” Krempley concluded. “We have a lot to sort out over the next few months, but for now, we are focused on transitioning the DyeStat.com archives while we prep for a relaunch during this indoor season.”

The new site’s temporary home is at http://www.runnerspace.com/DyeStat.[LEFT]
Read more: News - Dyestat To Be Revived In Partnership With RunnerSpace.com - RRW http://www.runnerspace.com/news.php?news_id=74195#ixzz2EPla7JMs



This is just great news. More than anything it ensures that we have a central location for meet results. But I also think that most of us just have a very large place in our hearts for dyestat.


There’s been so many changes and different comebacks that I just can’t bring myself to be hopeful. Tracktalk has grown in popularity, and now has a somewhat small niche.

I’d hate to start all over again, but if there were enough people (read more) on the new one I might pop over


Well the reason we all migrated here was because the old message boards were shut down. Unless our kind hosts don’t feel like continuing to pay the cost of maintaining servers/domain name/computer-y stuff I don’t know about, I’d imagine we’d all stay here and use Dyestat more for a centralized location for results rather than migrate to the new boards. Maybe we could convince the Dyestat operators to direct their viewers who aren’t already on here to register for an account here or something.


Hey guys, Chris from RunnerSpace.com, we are excited to let you guys know that DyeStat will be relaunching on Thursday. We hope you’re just as excited!


Not excited but if they can keep a good stats list I’ll be pleased. More stats, less John Dye.


John has retired and will not be involved. We’re moving forward while remembering his legacy and contributions to the sport. SteveU will be the big man on campus. TFX will be live and up to date on Thursday.


SteveU el jefe, the head honcho, in charge!


i was super excited until i saw this–

… the old forums FTW.
the runnerspace “forums” are so full of crap.


Why do I get the feeling that Brett Favre is behind this?


Really impressed with the forum…


thanks for the post


RIP TrackTalk