Dyechat- 6/16


Since I was unable to attend the Dyechat last night, did battle planning go down? What happened in general?


It was on tinychat which was more of just a viewing of some dudes with no shirt on.

Then the twins showed up and everyone got a collective boner and freaked out.

Then AA did a dance with a sock on his wang.

Then I left because it was pretty boring to read “OMG TWINS SHOW US YOUR BOOBS” every 30 seconds.

So, it might have been cool after, but largely it was a disappointment.


Also, every time the site was slow after 10pm or so (which was pretty much every 5 minutes), everyone would freak out and assume that the forum had shut down early.


AA was naked. I won’t lie, I had to change my pants


You guys weren’t there to witness greatness


It got a lot cooler later. bd, me, mikel, jumperjenni, Enzo, reeee(LOL), phrisbee, skurey, evilution was poppin pills and freaking out, stogs, a couple of random broads, mtownxc07,runnerman, ag to rnr, AA, and maybe someone I’m forgetting all had a blast for like 3 hours. It was great.


See that sounds fun.

I went to the bar, which was fun.


We got two shots of Runnerman’s ball.


Originally posted by BigBo@Jun 17 2010, 01:37 PM
[b] See that sounds fun.

I went to the bar, which was fun. [/b]

Yeah bro it was a blast. I’ll probably be in there after game 7 tonight.


I will see if I can make it.

Once I get my new comp I will show off my extremely large testicle.