Duke over UVa with Big Help from Brodeur


Will see what NC State and Florida State look like in Terre Haute today, but Duke may well be the top team in the ACC, beating UVa in Charlottesville 31-40. Brodeur #2 for Duke, 5th overall in 24:12. UVa’s Emil Heineking won in 23:47 for reference, he has been an All-American and seems to be running at top 25 NCAA level, so figure that Brodeur is running well enough perhaps to be solidly in the top 100 at least. Great for him.



is there a result link for this



There you have it.

Not a huge meet. ACC’s in Boston will be interesting. UNC also in Pre-Nats today. Great Flotrack coverage. Marielle Hall just ran very well at Texas…same for Higginson, no shock there.



Higginson just ran GREAT at Pre Nats

Does Andrews not run any cross for UVA, I know he is an 800/15 guy but would figure he could get the 8K distance pretty well by now

and Kostelac is just a really average to below cross guy, even in HS, though he should run better at that by now, no?


Stanfurd is just rocking here…awful. 1-3 with Derrick holding back. NAU will be OK at full strength, they could scare The 'Furd.

No Andrews in x-c this year…did a few last year.



Brian Leung ran well…cracked Stanfurd top 5.



I think Leung was maybe 12th-15th?

Stanford outrageous, simply ridiculous 1-2-3 clearly running thru togther


Ryan? Is Andrews hurt? Training or not at this time?


16th in 24:01 for Leung. Princeton is pretty good. Iona is real good with Sheridan back.

Next up…Buffs and PORTLAND. Pilots are running without Joash Osoro, one of their big 3. They should still do alright. Dunbar could impress…



Ryan, do you have results link. how are you getting places and times?


Just watching as they flash on scoreboard. Dunbar 4th, solid. 2nd man Allfred has been 14th and 18th at NCAA’s. Didn’t run Osoro…Pilots are pretty good. Buffs may have taken that.



This Ryan Hill guy has really come on, he is very very good, 3:40 for 1500 and a really good 5K and Cross runner


anyone have a Craig Forys sighting?


Former Forys teammate, Peter Christmas came up big for Portland…

Schellberg was in first race, just under 25 maybe? Not sure on time for Doug Smith for ASU. Soloff decent for Princeton. Franklin and Vitez in there, as well.



I think I saw Craig finish around 58th. Not good!