Drinking progression


to document this for further scientific evidence towards my ability to drink or not.

half of my first drink down. a mixed drink, gatorade and evan williams sour mash. real cheap whiskey, and low calorie gatorade. kinda **** tasting. am a little buzzed.

will continue to update this as the night progresses.


potentially epic thread.


you obviously don’t know who A Blind Guy is




yes i do, and i know that he goes to my alma mater.

either he is going to get smashed and post about some crazy drunken exploits or he’s not going to remember.

it has potential to be epic or potential to bomb, depending on how fast he drinks.

you obviously don’t know enough to never question lasseviren.


second drink consumed. this was a whiskey and coke, with jack daniels single barrel. again, one shot.

EDIT: the JDSB is 47% alcohol, not 40% as was the Sour Mash.

feeling pretty normal still. much warmer though.


So how was UNO?


his stories when sober are ****, can’t imagine him being drunk will help the cause


i won. but i was playing bus rules.


QFE, after the 100 beer 100 miles thing I have learned to never question Lasseviren.


i wish man I go to UNO.

3rd drink consumed. More evan williams sour mash.

filling the universal frat party red cups to the bottom most line or higher with the liquor and then maybe like 1/3 of the cup with coke or mixer.

feel pretty good.


this. At Harvard we call this “Big Tues”.


All I wanted to do tonight was play some land mines with two of my good buddies and watch the soccer game. Went well for the first half then this kid who lives next to us comes back completely **** housed and pukes everywhere effectively ruining my night. Blind Guy please have an epic night to make up for mine.


I have been on a drinking straight whiskey like Don Draper binge.

I feel better about myself, but generally regret it the next day.

Going downtown tomorrow.


5th drink. sour mash. im sure youve noticed the pattern by now.

still havent slurred my speech or ****ed up my typing yet.



6th or 7th drink ive lost track.
feel pretty good.


dont piss urself again


Proposed New rule: A Blind Guy cannot use the backspace or delete key


All in favor say Aye.