Dream teams at nike cross


i tried setting up something like this my senior year and it didn’t really pan out. and i just found myself wondering how i am the only one who’s ever thought of this? i mean the mn high school running community is pretty tight with one another, especially at the top end of competition. why don’t any of these top runners–providing they aren’t planning on going with their own team–join together and form their own team for nike? i’m pretty sure this isn’t against any of the nxn rules… otherwise i wouldn’t have been able to register my “team” senior year. what happened with my attempt at a dream team was that i got verbal commitment from a couple other guys that they would do it, and so i registered the team and they ended up backing out so i just ended up wasting a bunch of money. but my team was registered, nevertheless. haha and i just got to keep a bunch more free stuff.

but anyway, discuss. enlighten me


I don’t believe there is anything to prevent that; you just can’t advance as a team to nationals unless you all attended the same hs.


That is correct – to go to Portland, they must all attend the same school.


oh really? i didn’t know that. haha alright i guess that pretty much takes the fun out of the whole idea


yeah, that’s why there were a dozen guys in LCTC singlets last year haha


I tried this a couple years back and they did some background checks and told us before-hand that they didn’t allow any “all-star” teams at regionals, meaning kids from other schools on the same club team. The meet director then just let us enter as individuals