Drake Relays


upset in the london rematch 110H

1 Andrew Riley Puma 13.43 -3.2
2 Aries Merritt Nike 13.48 -3.2
3 Ryan Brathwaite adidas 13.55 -3.2
4 Ryan Wilson Saucony 13.58 -3.2
5 David Oliver Nike 13.59 -3.2
6 Jeff Porter Nike 13.60 -3.2
7 Hansle Parchment Puma 14.33 -3.2
– Jason Richardson Nike FS -3.2


1 Jenny Simpson New Balance 4:03.35
2 Sheila Reid Nike 4:07.92
3 Kate Grace United States 4:08.24
4 Shannon Rowbury Nike 4:09.05
5 Gabriele Anderson United States 4:10.32
6 Mary Cain United States 4:10.77
7 Sarah Bowman New Balance 4:11.31
8 Emma Coburn Colorado 4:11.36
9 Morgan Uceny adidas 4:17.71
10 Ashley Miller Asics 4:19.86
11 Heather Kamph Asics 4:20.80
– Renee Tomlin United States DNF

Big run for simpson, signs of returning to 2011 form? Also that is very close, if not a PR for cain.


Outstanding run by Simpson. Cain’s indoor mile converts to 4:08-ish.


true, wasnt sure of the conversion. Considering the winds for the 110s just a few events before was -3.2, doesnt seem like it was a calm and peaceful ride either. Would love to see a video of this at some point.


what happened to Uceny?


she has been off all season so far. Didnt expect her to contend but also didnt expect that far back. ESPN3 has it on replay so watching that coverage now


1500 4:11.01 Mary Cain (Bronxville, New York) Barcelona, Spain 7/14/12

Though not as bombastic as indoor record runs, but the mark she passed was her own:cool:


Willis 3:55



nice run by willis, believe that is right with the great steve scott for 2nd AT at the relays. I dont see alan webb’s 351 going down anytime soon either.


Anyone know of a link to a vid of this??


Surprised no one said anything about Hy-Vee’s contribution to the Drake Relays this year!

But the most impressive standard established—and the one directly related to all the other positive indicators—was the record purse of 500,000 smackeroos.

This translated into $50,000 prize money for each elite pro race—$25,000 for first place, $15,000 for second and $10,000 for third. In addition, $120,000 was designated for distribution in three road races—a half-marathon, a 10,000-meter race and a 6,000-meter run…

Track and field is one entity where throwing money at its problems is perhaps still the best solution.


Plus hy-vee is the best grocery store in the MN-IA-SD-NE area!