Does anyone wear Hoka One One shoes?


Any shoe within the brand. How do they generally fit (toebox width, heel) and what makes them unique?



The local recently retired high school XC coach, who had won an individual championship small school division decades previously, wore Hokas on his recovery days. He was still on the podium for fastest guy in town, so they must have helped him.
I personally haven’t tried them yet, even though I run a lot of dirt trails.


Work in run specialty store and have had experience with the brand evolving over the past 4 years. Hated the original Clifton (neutral cushion) when it was brand new because it felt like a marshmallow compared to everything else I was wearing. Finally caved and tried Clifton 2 for running. Have loved them since and I really recommend them for anyone looking for that cushion in a daily training shoe.

I currently wear Clifton 3 and 4, Arahi (light support), Tracer (Training/Racer), Hupana (casually). Can usually get around 600 miles of wear out of a Clifton which great durability for me.


I have a pair of Clifton 2’s I’ve been wearing for awhile. I think I’ve got about 350 miles on them. I really like them. They have great cushioning. They are light and I have plenty of room in the toe box. I’ve heard that one complaint against them is that there isn’t enough room in the toe box. The shoes I have are probably a half size too big for me. They were purchased online and I had already sent them back once so I just kept the next pair that came. After one hundred miles they broke in and have felt great since.

I usually run 4-8 miles at a time at 7 to 8 minutes per mile pace every other day. The last 150 miles I’ve run on a crushed gravel bike trail which is very flat in order to stay healthy. I’m not sure how many more hundred miles I will run in them.

I would buy another pair of Hoka’s again but next time I’ll get them from a running store to make sure they fit well.


I’ve had 4 pairs of Cliftons 2’s (because they’re on sale) and two pairs of Clifton 3’s, and I just ordered a pair of 4’s. I really like them cause I’m pretty tall and a a little more built. I run 70-80 mpw, and the only time I’ve had a serious injury since I’ve started wearing hokas - almost two years now - was when I wore a pair of nike structures for two months, I was only waering the structures, no hokas in that time. my friends sometimes roast the hokas but honestly they just look a little goofy, they’re super light, and not nearly as clunky as they look.