Do you respect people who make spin off threads of spin off threads of spin off threa


ds with poor attempts at clever poll options?


What happened to my thread about clogging toilets?


I’m going to pretend that the misspelling of “deprecating” was intentional because it is kind of appropriate and/or ironic that way!


Yeah where did it go I liked that thread. I just dropped a bomb about 10 minutes ago. Currently waiting for my roommate to figure out what happened.


It got deleted? =(

I didn’t even post a picture of poop this time.


I guess it did I can’t find it.


Voted yes, but grudgingly


I’m worried I may have deleted it on accident or was my poop love story too much?


Actually, I reported the poop I didn’t


have any of you seen the commercial with Hillary Duff where she says that calling something “gay” is just awful.

Ya. that commercial, it’s gay.


Lets change the “gay” word to “f@ggot.” Its just more respectful that way.