Do you respect anyone who doesn't run the same event as you?


has it come to this?:confused:


i respect no marathoner who cant break 50 in the 400


Given that I am a high jumper, I ONLY respect people that do not do the same event as me. Do you ever watch those lazy SOBs? All they do is run a small curve and jump into a huge pillow… REAL TOUGH


I don’t respect this event:

Looks dumb. Plus I doubt that guy could break 60 in the 400 hurdles.


pretty much anyone successful (have improved since they started or are already good). except for racewalkers that are my age. They are literally setting themselves up for horribly bowed legs.


I respect good athletes regardless of event, except the ones who run stuff shorter than a 300m.


I don’t respect any ultra runner who can’t break 9 in the 100m.