Do you respect 5k runners who couldn't break 2 minutes in an 800?


I give these people a grudging respect if any. I don’t know. If you’re running 3 miles or 5000m while being particularly slow, I’m more impressed by your resiliency against boredom than your athleticism.


I approve of this thread.


hey im one of those 5k runners! : /…


i can break 2, do i get a prize?


Lol of course not


Only if you can break 11s in the 100m, then you might be a real athlete


Great thread


hey I’m looking how to improve my 40 time. is this the right place?


gotta do more high-knees and butt kicks and skips. you should be running 4.40 in no time!


lmao… great thread… +rep


necessary for any of you milers out there


remember, the mile is 98% anaerobic.
not sure how that’s relevant though.


what are the pins and allen wrench for?


And with this, you can be the 3rd high schooler to ever break 4 minutes in the mile!




Some schools have dirt tracks. The allen wrench is just to pick your butt with.


of course I respect them, the 800 and the 5k are 2 completely different races. There are plenty of people who can break 2 in the 800 and not run fast in the 5k. And there are even more people who can run a 5k fast and not break 2 in the 800. Its all about people who are more tempo workout people vs. interval workout people.


If you can’t break 2 in the 800 why are you even running…?


I would disagree with the last statement, I think there are more guys who can break 2 than run a fast 5k. What do you say a fast 5k is 15:40?


ehhhhhh 13:07.35 rupp certified