Do you remember 9/11?


Not what happened, but what you were doing, where you were, etc.

I was in third grade, which started at 9:05. We were remodeling our kitchen, so I ate breakfast in the dining room, and I watched the Today Show every morning. There wasn’t much info before I had to leave, but then we all listened to it on the radio. Since I’m from the suburbs of Chicago, and basically everyone’s parents work downtown, they let us go home early (people thought the Sears Tower was next). I was freaking out about my dad since he worked right next to it. Not until I got home and the towers collapsed did I realize the magnitude of what just happened. I doubt I’ll ever forget the experience.


Same here. I was in the 3rd grade and was super pissed I wasnt allowed outside for some reason. Then realized what happened, and that my dad was flying from Philly that day so being 9 years old i freaked out.


Same grade(I think). I believe I stayed home that day because of chicken pox, and was watching TV when it happened. All I remember was watching and seeing the twin towers on fire, and I (mistakenly) thought that this was happening in downtown Baltimore(where my dad works). Anyways I just remember yelling to my mom and her coming in and freaking out then going to pick up my brothers and other people from school after they let out early.

I also remember when I visited New York City shortly after with my family, and seeing all the vendors on the street corners selling pictures of the scene and the building before they collapsed.


3rd grade also, I remember the first day of some after school program being canceled and not wondering why. I then got home and saw the news and my mom told me what happened.


5th grade in math class. I live 15 minutes outside of NYC in north Jersey. I’ll never forget that day. Our principal called an assembly and told the whole school what had happened. All I could think of was my uncle who worked at the WTC from time to time. I ran straight to the main office because one of my moms best friends works as a secretary there and had her call my mom right away and found out my uncle didn’t go into the city that day. Some of my friends parents went into the city because they were fire fighters, police officers, or emts. It was just chaos for a while because the military showed up and my town is small. It was a strange sight seeing all of that.


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3rd grade, wtf. I was a freshman in high school.


Sometime in elementary school, possibly 2nd or 3rd. I remember they told us that there was a bee problem outside so we couldn’t go out. Then for some class they did let us out and I remember looking in the sky and not seeing any airplanes and thinking it was peculiar (no idea why I noticed it because you typically don’t see any at a glance). That’s about all I can remember.


I was in 8th grade, getting ready for school. I yelled up to my mom and dad to see if they had made me a lunch, since there was none in the fridge. No response, so I went up to their bedroom and they were glued to the TV. I watched for a while, not really knowing what was going on, but knowing that fireballs coming out of buildings are generally a bad thing. I went to schoo, and the bus ride there was dead silent. My homeroom teacher had CNN on, and he kid of explained what was going on to us. An hour later or so we all went home


This thread is making me feel old.

My post in homeless’s thread on the subject in the Current Events Forum:


5th grade, just felt surreal as I didn’t find out until my next door neighbors told me after I got out of school. As njrunz similarly framed it, it just didn’t really register. It was strange. It didn’t really hit until that night when my family was watching replays of it on television.


got let home early from school in 3rd grade. remember my dad making me watch the news, and i saw what everyone else obviously did.

i felt nothing whatsoever.

i asked my dad if i could go back to playing PS2.


3rd grade. we had just moved to fairfax, virginia at the time. Pretty close to DC (30-40 miles). I too was ticked that we couldnt go outside for recess. But we were in music class and the teacher started telling us what happened, but I don’t think anyone really understood what was going on. As the day went on, a lot of my classmates started leaving with their parents. A lot of their parents worked for the government. By the end of the day, I was one of only about 5 left in my class. My dad worked in DC, but not in any building they would try to hit. I was pretty confused about the whole situation until I got home and saw the stuff on TV.

My grandma and aunt were visiting and were supposed to fly back home that day and they selected a later morning flight rather than the early flight. the earlier flight was one that was hijacked.


I was in 7th grade, i live about 10-15 miles from NYC and from the top floor of my school you were actually able to see, well, everything, so everyone was told to go to the cafeteria. Kids started going home left and right. One kid told my friends and I that there were planes falling all over the place and they hit the twin towers. We laughed at him and said there’s no way the government would let a bunch of planes just fall and hit both of the twin towers…hows that for naivete. Long story short, it was a s***ty day that I’ll never forget


like njrunz, here’s my post from the thread in current events section


No, I was tripping acid deep in the Wasatch that week.


Said same thing, except I was a sophomore in high school.

I remember a lot of the day quite clearly. It was the only time I’ve ever felt vulnerable no matter where I was. Though, I think that the proximity to NYC played a big role in that feeling and the clearness of the memories. I was supposed to have my first cross country race ever that day, but it post-poned. Was an absolutely gorgeous day weather wise; beautiful blue sky.

My school still had a 7 class, 6 period, rotating schedule and I had biology first period and bio lab second period (long period). Our teacher got an email near the end of class saying that a plane hit one of the WTC towers. From the way she read it though it seemed like a small plane somehow didn’t see the tower or something.

Then the next period I went to accounting. Our classroom was one of the few with a TV and the class from across the hall was in there. I remember watching the second tower fall on live TV. It was really surreal, no one said anything for a few minutes, until my teacher declared that we would be going to war and that our country wouldn’t stand for this. He was right.

I’m pretty sure this was the day that I crossed off going into the military as a possibility following HS.


Wow, a pretty high proportion of people are seniors. Anyways, also from the homeless thread…

I was in Mrs. Newman’s fourth grade class and was living in Germantown, MD (20 miles outside of DC). It started off as a normal Tuesday, but I remember early in the morning someone making an announcement telling all of the teachers to check their computers. They were instructed not to tell us, all we saw was our teacher checking the computer a lot. I also remember someone coming in at some point and telling my teacher that her husband was on the phone (he was supposed to fly out of BWI that day). Through the course of the day, kids got taken out of school, but those left behind did not know why. We had indoor recess, even though it was a nice day outside, and my thoughts were that there must have been like a shooting suspect on the loose or something. The day went on and at the end of the day I was posted for safety patrol in the same hallway as my mom’s classroom. I went in to see what was going on and she and the janitor were talking about it. They told me, and I kind of knew what the WTC was, but didn’t really know about terrorism that much.

I left school with my mom and the first thing we did on the way home was go to the grocery store… so did everyone else. We were all fearful because of our close proximity to DC, and the fact that we lived like 5 miles from Fort Detrick, the country’s main bio-warfare facility. I was off from school the next day and fighter jets were flying over like crazy, everybody was pretty scared. It felt like living during the Cold War.

In the aftermath I just remember people being so nice to each other. This kind of kindness seems like a distant memory now. I can remember a lot about that day, and will probably never forget it. I can also remember how lucky I was. My dad was set to fly to San Francisco that morning from one of the DC airports. For those that can’t remember, three of the planes were flying to LA, LA… and San Francisco.


I remember walking around the halls the same day after (i live pretty far from WTCs) and everyone was talking how if they were the terrorists, they would’ve flown the planes in lower in the buildings. Tons of 9/11 jokes that day.

The days after though, people really watched what they said.


I was in the nurses office in 6th grade, I broke my hand after getting into a fight with some kid during a basketball game at “snack recess”. I inadvertently fell down and the kid stepped on my head, I got up and broke his nose, thus breaking my hand. Fun times, but yeah, I didn’t really get in trouble because the principle at my school left to go to a board meeting, which they sent the kids home at like 11. We didn’t even go back to class, the school let us outside till the buss’s came to get us early. We were just told “It’s a nice day outside and we just want to have a fun day” by the teachers.