Do people really have problems with gingers?


i always thought people joked about it, but i’ve realized there’s real hate towards gingers


Yes. I treat them differently because they are usually ugly.




Yes. I go to BC and they’re everywhere.


nah. but maybe it’s because one of my best friends in elementary was one.



No, one of the funniest guys I’ve ever met was one. And one of the most beautiful girls I know is one.


For the record, I have no problems with gingers. Because I’m sure you guys wanted to know.


yes. they are hideous and have no soul. they are demon spawn


My sister has kind of red hair, but not a ginger. But I still call her one and tell her she has no soul because it annoys her.


i like gingers.
just like i like everyone


my coach is a ginger and I feel no regret when i call her a ginger! Her husband even has a “I’m married to a ginger” license plate outside cover

EDIT: don’t have any sort of real problem with gingers


They are going to be extinct some day! THANK THE LORD!


Death to gingers!


I don’t think I have an actual problem with the people themselves, but for some reason it’s annoying to look at them…


one of my best friends since i was 5 is a ginger. his little bro is as well. both are extremely funny guys

also i’ve hooked up with a ginger before. she was good looking and was a freak


I am kind of like your sister. I’m fairly fair skinned and have some red in my hair. I get ginger jokes here and there. Jokes get old but I generally laugh along with them and not worry too much about it.


we have a ginger on our team who is cool as hell, but he hates ginger jokes. he is also a black belt, and played hockey for many years. needless to say he has been in many fights in the two years i have known him and he never loses. one ginger i wouldnt pick on.


One turned me into a newt!


I’m kind of attracted to a couple cute female gingers right now… hm