Even with an appointment I was there almost two hours. There has got to be a better way.






I hate the dmv. Worse than going to the dentist to get work done. And btw. What up plplayground. I’m your bro, not your enemy…skurey, funnage, ccwiz


mfw zen miler


I don’t think they have enought offices. The local one here services…

Terra Bella

Way too many people for one office to handle.


Going to the DMV isn’t too bad as long as you get there first thing. They open at 8:30am here in MD so if you get there by 8am and are one of the first 5 to get tickets than you get helped right away and you are usually out before 9am. If you are not there by 9am though then you better bring a good book.


There are 3 dmv locations within 10 miles of my house. In a relatively spread out area like salt lake, it’s not too bad. Unless you go to the taylorsville location. At the new draper location, I literally waited less than 2 minutes from getting my number to walking up to the desk for my new registration last year. I was in the building for 10 mintes.


A book, well hell yes why didn’t I think of that?


You have three in one area? Lucky you!


There has got to be a better way



I don’t drive but I need the state photo ID, alas it is almost impossible to get there with out a car.


Live in the wilderness and then you would never need to drive a car.