Division 2 Individual Boys Predictions


i’m just curious to see what everyone’s predictions are for division two, haven’t seen many


Well just to see if I can get this rolling.

  1. Luke Bailey (Xavier)- top returner who consistently runs fast. 15:41 at Freedom, 15:42 at lourdes where he beat Clark Otte.
  2. Clark Otte (Sheboygan Falls)- number 2 returner from last year, has the track speed as the 1600 meter state champion and the 3200 meter runner up
  3. Dustin Hatfield (River Valley)- strong performance at Verona with a 16:01
  4. Travis Reiter (Freedom)- 16:07 at lourdes to come 3rd to Bailey and Otte
  5. Miguel Mathias (Nekoosa)- Top runner at smiley with a 16:27, however times have been inconsistent, but he does come from a good program and I believe will do well at the end of the season
  6. Chris Pahnke (McFarland)- 16:17 at River Valley
  7. Dan Iselin (Platteville)- 16:10 at Midwest
  8. Spencer Currie (Deerfield/Cambridge)- 16:18 at midwest, however not the greatest time at his conference meet and is inconsistent
  9. Trevor Wenzel: consistently improving, has gotten down to a 16:34 as far as I know
  10. Nathan Broullire- inconsistent but has speed, run a 16:35 multiple times and has a 1:55 800

This is just my opinion as I do not know that much about Division 2 and I am just going by the times that I have available to me.

  1. Luke Bailey (Xavier) - #1 returner, consistent runner this year. Only been beaten by Tannor Wagner by 30s and 10s. 10s ahead of Otte at Lourdes.
  2. Dustin Hatfield (River Valley) - Also very consistent this year. Strong 3rd place showing at Verona behind only Finn and Gus. 15:30 at Platteville.
  3. Clark Otte (Sheboygan Falls) - Track accolades are well known. Probably the most physically gifted of the group. 1600 state champ, 3200 runner-up. 15:38 Season best
  4. Rylee Miller (Jefferson) - really running well as of late. Win over Pahnke at conference. 15:47 at chocolate city.
  5. Christopher Pahnke (McFarland) - 5th at Verona, 3rd at Blackhawk 16:09 at Verona
  6. Travis Reiter (Freedom) - Last 3 races have been 16:08, 16:15, 16:07. running well when it matters
  7. Maury Miller (Ashland) - #5 returner. Doesn’t typically have the times early but shows up when it counts. 16:23 at Rice Lake
  8. Dan Iselin (Platteville) - 16:22 Verona; 16:10 Midwest
  9. Mitchell Georgi (Lakeside Luth) - quietly having solid season. 15s behind Miller at Choc. City (16:04); 15s behind Pahnke at Koshkonong. Beat Reiter early in the season.
  10. Spencer Currie(Deerfield/Cam) - 16:18 at Rapids (30s behind Vannucchi), but in front of top SPASH guys

Several others I considered in no particular order. Nathan Broullire (Xavier) several races in 16:30s, beat Mathias at Lourdes; Jack Colleran (Notre Dame) 3rd at Griak in small division; 3rd at conference meet in 16:18; Miguel Mathias (Nekoosa) - 16:27 at Smiley (4th fastest time all divisions); Donny Pooler (Northwestern) - another up north guy that doesn’t put up the fastest times during the season; Trevor Wenzel (Valders) - #7 returner times have been coming down lately.

2 Sectionals will be very telling in D2 in my opinion. Two Rivers will have Bailey, Reiter, Broullire, Colleran, Wenzel.
Platteville will have Hatfield, Pahnke, Iselin, Georgi, Scace

10 guys that I think will factor in for the top 10 spots at state will be in 2 sectionals. Platteville’s individual race should be fun to watch.