Division 1 Girls


A lot of talk on the boys side so lets switch it up and look at the girls. What are some peoples predictions for the state meet. I know many people had Davre as the favorite early on. Do you guys still think she can pull it off or will it be the rest of the field? Meghan Scott from DSHA has been running well recently. Is she the favorite after running 17:31? What about Kate Jochims from Muskego? Will she challenge?


I’m going:

  1. Scott (DSHA)
  2. Davre (WB)
  3. Jochims (MUS)
  4. Sippy (JC)
  5. Olshanski (ARR)
  6. Sun Prairie
  7. Sun Prairie
  8. Sun Prairie





I expect cami to win cross she will set up the field and take care of business. I would love to know more about the 17:30 runner and what else she has done to judge the one race as the muskego girl is excellent but I don’t think Cami level. after Cami wins cross I’m thinking she may actually get beat in the 800 as the range on this wausau quartermiler (Brooke Jaworski spelling?) is impressive and she may be a true 2:03 half miler which I think is in zens next 100 year goal times for the state but a clash of the titans may see a 2:02-2:04 at state this spring so that’s my thoughts on the ladies.



For perspective, Meghan Scott beat Peyton Sippy by a full minute at Chocolate City, a continually improving Sippy who just won the Big 8 championship on a relatively tough Verona course in 18:46.

For anyone that doesnt think that her 17:30 Was legit, your mistaken. Yes, the course is fast, but she crushed the field there. She is the real deal. Will that translate into the sub 18 time it will take to win D1? Don’t know, but I’m betting yes!



do you know her track times from the spring. have you seen her race? does she go from the gun or surge at the 1 1/2? cami can definetly break 18 so she will need to break cami by the 2 mile to beat her. given cami is a senior she will need to be the real deal similar to aubrey roberts to do that. I claim ignorance on her just trying to learn more. I’m glad someone in the field may make it an honest race.



I’ve only watch her personally a handful of times. Nothing earth shattering in track thus far, maybe a 5:10 miler type in the past.

Long stride and lean, I would guess the longer races would suit her best, but I say that, and she sprinted out to a big lead in that Burlington race (2:25ish 1st 800) and then just powered thru the rest of the race. I would think that Mile 2 would be where she hammers.

I understand why you are so confident in Cami, but the 5k XC race just doeant feel like her race to me, as her slightly bigger frame than her competitors, seems like it is a disadvantage after 2 miles.

But, I’m wrong nearly as often as I am right… that’s why they “play the game”. But it sure is fun speculating in the mean time!


It’s going to be a fantastic battle with Scott, Davre, Jochims as well as a few others who I believe will stick in that pack like Linzmeier, Dushak, Pringle and Roeske. All these girls are capable of 18:15 or faster at the Ridges. I don’t think it will be a tactical race. Both Scott and Jochims like to get out fast - both have been going out under 5:30. Scott just ran 18:30 at Washington Park completely alone. Don’t know anything about that 17:31 but even if that course is only 3 miles, that still puts her low 18:00s. Jochims has been running low 18:00s, also alone, all year long. Who knows what she’s capable of if she has company. She’s strong mentally too. Davre hasn’t been as fast but she’s been sitting and kicking. She could be better rested than the others. It could depend somewhat on Cami’s mindset. Is she passionate enough about cross to really dig deep for a state title, i.e. does she want it? If the answer is yes she may be hard to beat. I’ll try a prediction here: Times assume a dry course and reasonable weather.

  1. Jochims - 17:53
  2. Scott - 17:59
  3. Davre - 18:10
  4. Roeske - 18:15
  5. Linzeier - 18:16
  6. Dushak - 18:21
  7. Pringle - 18:26
    The team competition doesn’t feel as close to me. I think Sun Prairie is clearly the top team. After that anything is possible. Never count out Eau Claire Memorial. Waukesha West and Arrowhead are deep and well-coached. DSHA looked amazing early but I was told at the conference meet that they’ve been dealing with injuries and illnesses for most of the season. Don’t know enough about all the teams to really be fair but I’ll try a prediction anyway:
  8. Sun Prairie
  9. Arrowhead
  10. Eau Claire Memorial
  11. Wauk West
  12. Menomonie


Have Jochims, Scott and Davre run against each other this year?


Yes…Davre beat Scott at Arrowhead by 31 seconds in early September.


… and Jochims beat Scott by :23 in Muskego on 9/24.


Davre also beat her by over a minute the week before Arrowhead at the Columbus Catholic Invite in Marshfield.


Question: We have the all-time Ridges lists in this thread. The cut-off for the girls 4k is 14:44.

What would be the equivalent 5k time to start a new list?


Using Jack Daniel’s v dot calculator, a 14:44 would convert to an 18:40 but this could be different depending on who you ask


Was that Scott that ran a Sub 18 today? :grin:


I thought I’d chime in, I think the D1 Girls race will be one of the more exciting races to watch. While I think Sun Prairie is certainly the class of the field, after that you can make a strong argument for 4-6 teams to fall anywhere in the top 3 or 4. I am going to refrain from making predictions (I’ve got a horse in the race) I think there are a lot of interesting story lines here:

These teams are in no particular order:

  1. Can West’s pack overcome their lack of a legit front runner? They all ran 19:08 at sectionals at Muk…a really fast course, and their 4-5 are closer to that 20 min mark that it appears? Will that be enough? Also it looks like since we switched to 5k and expanded field their state meet strategy of getting our pretty slow and moving up hasn’t fared as well as in the past.

  2. Arrowhead- Their #1 is hurting, I’m not sure what the deal is with her, but since the conference meet, she hasn’t been herself. Without a solid #1 again, they don’t have the horses to crack top 3.

  3. DSHA- with everyone healthy, they’re as good as it gets when it comes to being the “best of the rest”. Scott is a legit title contender. Will the supporting cast be healthy one more week?

4)Kettle Moraine- Such a strong back but I don’t see any of them cracking the top 20. It’s tough to be up top without a front runner

  1. ECM- returns everyone but 1…but she did put a #1 on the board last year…so?

  2. Muskego- Their top 3 can run with anyone in the state, Jochims is a title contender too, but their 4/5 really hurt them.

I think this covers most of the team in the team race, I am sure that I am missing a few but whatever!


I would throw Brookfield Central into the mix. They have their top 2 who will score well but like other teams, their 3-5 will determine where they fall. I just think they need to be mentioned.


Agree with Knighttime that Central will be there. Mauerman is back to All-State form and they’re solid through the lineup. I’m a believer in what ECM has done over the years so I’m picking them for top 3. DSHA suffers from the same thing as Muskego - will their #5 be able to run close to 20:30? I made a team prediction a week ago but I’m altering it a bit after sectionals. I’ll go with…

  1. Sun Prairie 85 points
  2. Waukesha West
  3. Eau Claire Memorial
  4. Arrowhead
  5. Brookfield Central
  6. DSHA
  7. Kettle Moraine
  8. Menomonie
  9. Muskego
  10. Whitefish Bay


Agreed, BC is super tough… I should have included them from the get go…also it’s true Muskego’s 5ht runner does hurt them…badly.

@Rocco you seem to really know your stuff…any thoughts to some of the questions I posed above?

It should also note: Muskego did beat BC at Eagle…were they missing someone?


Im gonna give this a shot as well, both individual and team for top 10


  1. Camille Davre (18:04) - WFB
  2. Kate Jochims - Muskego
  3. Meghan Scott - DSHA
  4. Savannah Huben - Bay Port
  5. Hannah Roeske - ECM
  6. Annika Linzmeier - Pulaski
  7. Peyton Sippy - JC
  8. Trista Pringle - Sun Prairie
  9. Rachel Jeffers - Hamilton
  10. Mason Kalander - Holmen


  1. Sun Prairie (99 points)
  2. ECM
  3. Arrowhead
  4. Waukesha West
  5. DSHA
  6. Brookfield Central
  7. Muskego
  8. Pewaukee
  9. Menomonie
  10. Kettle Moraine