Distance Leaders


It’s a bad year to be a good but not great distance runner. Especially a senior. But Bryce Tome from saber nation is having a solid early outdoor season. That 4:22 at heartland was a solid early May run and he followed that up taking down Eli Dyer 1:58 to 1:59 at the Benson Invite (both stars of the meet didn’t run- bosley and Eduardo Vargas). Not sure he can be relevant given the class in this years field up front but he has a excellent shot of running sub 4:18 which in most years would be on the boards radar as an outstanding runner


Bryce has had consistent improvement with his times over the years. Glad to see he’s finishing off his HS career on a high note! You’re right, he won’t be up there with the lead pack at State, but has the potential to add some really fast PRs to his HS resume!


What happened to James Giftos? I recall him being a 4:22/9:22 sophomore and then not hearing from him again!


Holy moly, the Malacek triplets from Onalaska have upped their game this outdoor season. At the LaCrosse Central meet on May 2:

800: Lydia Malacek 2:15.05
1600: Amalia Malacek 5:03.76
3200: Kora Malacek 10:32.38

Onalaska had another sophomore, Aubrey Clements, run 5:25 so they should be able to put together a 9:15ish 4x800 with definite sub-9:10 potential.


Bloomquist opens up at conference with a 9:41 showing his natural gift


Nicholas Holmes also opens up season at bulldog invite with a 9:39 winning by a minute on May 9th. I thought his season was over so that’s a decent open not sure if he has the time to put it together but impressive open


He must be injured. I didn’t even see him in the Badger Conference Meet results. It seems like James and Reed Anderson have kind of fallen off for some reason as they were dynamite as sophomores. Over training or injured. It could be any number of things. Another star that has disappeared is Ash Francis from Sun Prairie. I didn’t see him in the Big 8 meet and heard rumors that he quit the team early on.


Looks like most guys are coming back although for many of them it’s probably too late to have a great year but they can still have some special races or even one special race can make a season. Glad to see most of them running. The biggest 2 complete no shows are probably devries and giftos. Overall it’s a healthy season with a few weeks to go