Distance Leaders


I did not use computer programming or a comprehensive relational database management system architecture. No advanced techniques. No schools, classes or meets listed. Simply did this the old fashioned way – gather and manually sort – because there is nothing else to look at. I will not maintain the list below and will not update these lists beyond this single post.

Would like to see some new blood step up and do the honor roll but please, if you read this and do, don’t be enrolled as a college student.


 1:56.75   Rowen Ellenberg
 1:57.77   Adam Rzentkowski
 2:00.25   Eli Dyer
 2:00.72   Aaron Leverson
 2:01.85   Henry Chapman
 2:02.48   Drew Dahlin
 2:02.52   Cade Ferron
 2:03.19   Andrew Lopez
 2:03.28   Chad Franz
 2:03.63   Randy Johnson


 4:15.93   Matt Meinke
 4:17.60   Henry Chapman
 4:23.73   Adam Rzentkowski
 4:28.41   Alex Mielke
 4:31.75   Jake Lepak
 4:31.05   Henry Wellenstein
 4:33.81   Matthew Galler
 4:34.62   Nate Fox
 4:34.92   Zach Slevin
 4:35.09   Cade Ferron


 8:58.85y  Henry Chapman
 8:59.95   Drew Bosley
 9:02.93   Matt Meinke
 9:07.83   Caleb Easton
 9:33.72   Rowen Ellenberg
 9:40.62   Ian Nadolski
 9:43.69   Alexander Vance
 9:57.66   Andrew Pahnke
10:02.45   Thomas Weed
10:08.82   Blake Boles

Is Chapman sub-4:10/sub-8:50 material?

So many lists, not enough accuracy and to intentionally complicate things below there are only names to go off of.


 1:54.75   Edgardo Valdes
 1:55.97   Aaron Leverson
 1:56.75   Rowen Ellenberg
 1:56.89   Drew Bosley
 1:57.59   Braedon Gilles
 1:57.77   Adam Rzentkowski
 1:58.80   Ryan Potter
 1:59.37   Michael Madoch
 1:59.38   Max Radcliffe
 1:59.88   Bryce Tome
 2:00.25   Eli Dyer
 2:00.26   Andrew Lopez
 2:00.36   Randy Johnson
 2:00.94   Chad Franz
 2:01.14   Aaron Simays


 4:09.02   Drew Bosley
 4:11.00   Rowen Ellenberg
 4:13.78   Caleb Easton
 4:15.93   Matt Meinke
 4:17.34y  Adam Rzentkowski
 4:17.60   Henry Chapman
 4:21.27   Andrew Pahnke
 4:22.27   Eli Dyer
 4:24.09   Zachary Leffel
 4:24.64   Tyler Kisting
 4:24.84   Alexander Vance
 4:25.35   Gavin Kuhlenbeck
 4:26.59   David Vannucchi
 4:26.78   Cade Ferron
 4:27.46   Jake Lepak


 8:49.28   Drew Bosley
 8:57.67   Caleb Easton
 8:58.85y  Henry Chapman
 9:02.93   Matt Meinke
 9:08.81   Adam Rzentkowski
 9:14.35   Max Loetscher
 9:33.72   Rowen Ellenberg
 9:36.59   Henry Wellenstein
 9:37.62   Eli Dyer
 9:39.58   Zach Leffel
 9:40.62   Ian Nadolski
 9:40.69   Alexander Vance
 9:40.96   Zach Slevin
 9:41.69   Cael Grotenhuis
 9:45.22   Michael Kluz


Many of the mia distance guys teams have opened and they are still mia, although their is still time in reality not much time is left and it is really hard to do a bosley from 2 years ago or iron sheik from last year as they are 2 of the best of all time. Mia outdoors despite team running already include Holmes, Schnoor, Elijah devries and jack scherer. Given Schnoor and scherer were in same sectional as bosley that makes bosley triple much much easier with a sub 9:20 and a sub 9:10 guy both out and likely not enough time to get in good shape. Bosley should go for the triple at sectionals and give his team optionality to win the meet. He can always drop out of the 800 at state but if their jumper scores 12 to 18 points homestead can win and to have that optionality makes sense especially with 2 out of the 5 threats in the 3200 at sectionals looking as though they have a significant type of injury . Vanucchi has opened with a solo 4:30 effort in the 1600. At least most of the MIA list (these guys above (other than Elijah) plus a few other from another post) are underclassman and have another chance. Nothing worse than a seniors legs not working after working hard due to injury. I’ve been there. Glad most gifted seniors at this point of the season are healthy which is why the times in the distances are so good despite all the underclassman are missing. James giftos is another senior who “could” medal in the mile that will be looking for an open soon as his season is running out of time.


The true MIAs you mentioned are Schnoor, Holmes, Scherer.

Vannucchi I could understand either being nagged by slight injury or simply starting back up again in a slow three month sense of the phrase. Vannucchi qualified for Footlocker, huge emotional high and coming back from that would isolate one mission for him: repeats at the state championships. He has Rzentkowski to be concerned about and perhaps he is focusing hoping history repeats itself from cross country acknowledging Rzentkowski is a very good runner but focusing on himself and peaking at state to secure those championships. Vannucchi needs nothing else plus he has always been resilient at the state meet. With Adam Rzentkowski at 4:18/9:16 already it means his mission is to get into 4:13/9:05 shape which he is more or less physically set up to do.

The other runner you mentioned, Elijah Devries, is perhaps sidelined for different reasons – neither injury nor by choice – but I would not be a credible source on this topic. I would imagine he comes back some time in late April for the latter 80% of meets.


Arrowheads bench is running very well if devries is doing the workouts and in good shape their 4x800 looks good and that is excluding there very fine 400 meter runner that looks to be more of a strength guy than speed guy given his 200 time looks just ok. Not a true threat to Middleton but perhaps a top 3 squad if Elijah has speed.


One of the MIA runners indoors was max Loetscher from Madison East who ran a very good 3200 meters last year as a junior (9:19). He has opened up outdoors running a 4:27 to win against a game sub 4:30 McFarland runner parick Fasick their second best guy to pahnke but he has also run 2 flat outdoors in a duel meet already so a solid prospect). Theoretically Loetsher given his pr as a junior he has big time potential this year and I guess with Schnoor, scherer, Holmes and possibly the Janesville sophmore battling injuries he has time to regroup and go after a medal while the top guys battle in sub 9 territory


Roman Ystenes opened up this week and he is in decent shape running 2:04 to win a duel meet. Will see if he has the time to work into 3200 meter shape by state.


Scherer opened with a 9:51 3200 at the spartan invite. https://results.tracksidetiming.com/meets/3193/events/97055/results


That is a good win for a sophomore in April. He has to go at his own pace and figure it out.