Diffee in perspective


So I mentioned in a previous thread that Chandler Diffee was actually young for his grade. He falls into the current class of sophomores in the class of 2014 with his September 1995 birth date.

So what does that mean? He ran a sub-2 minute 800m split, 4:22.08y and 9:40 as a young sophomore. He also ran a 15:35 as a young junior on the Ridges Golf course. Not only does that 15:35 put him in very elite company (#7 all-time at the Ridges) but that puts him in super elite company for guys who ran that course as 15-16 year olds.

Chandler Diffee: 15:35 @ 16 years and 1 month, 22 days in 2011
Chris Solinsky: 15:32 @ 15 years and 10 months, 24 days in 2000
Phil Downs: 15:32 @ --HELP ME OUT??? in 1989

-Downs was 4:20.3 and 9:18.6 as a freshman
-Solinsky was 4:27 and 9:30 as a freshman
-Diffee was 4:22y and 9:40 at the same age as the two above (mentioned previously)


Jackie Dubnicka should only be a freshman this year. She has a late Sept. birthday but started school a year early.


You’ve got to admit that girls are a little different, right? The physical makeup and strength of females as freshman compared to the older classes are different than the boys.


I believe training age is more of a factor than age itself. he had been in a high school training system for 2 years when he ran those track times. not to take anything away from him or his performances, but he ran those times as a sophomore regardless of his age.


Yes, training age is the main factor. You can do so much more with a runner who has 3-4 years of a good middle school running compared to a freshman who has never trained or competed before.

Going back to my previous post, you can not say a specific age/year is better or worse for a girl since what might be a bad age for one is the “perfect” age for another. There are too many things that factor into that and it is usually only the highest level athletes who are really affected by most of the issues.

I was a lot better runner at 18 than I was at 14. I never had any “issues”. I did have teammates who were awesome at 14, started to have problems that weren’t diagnosed and treated properly and at 16 they were worse and never raced at their 14-year-old level even though they trained just as hard.


Good catch… I mistyped…should have been 1995 instead of 1996.