I just read that they might hold the Central NJ Sectionals at Delsea. Is it hard to figure out the course without it marked up? I have a map of the course. We’re looking to check out the course tomorrow if it’s a definite that Central sectionals will be there.

Also, what size spikes are recommended? The South Jersey Open website said 1/8 spikes because there’s 600 meters of pavement, but I didn’t see any pavement when looking at the course tour on



The course is very flat but can be a little slower then you might first think. You start on a field and then make a big loop and enter in the woods. While in the woods you hit the mile mark and then eventually pop out behind the middle school. You run by the middle school and then head along a fence towards a back woods (which is very very short) Once exiting the woods you follow a tree line down and make 2 90 degree right turns.
You then make a small loop and go around a tree line and make a 180 degree turn and head back along the tree line but on the opposite side. Make a right at a backstop and head towards the track.

The races finish on the track and that is the reason for the spike restriction not the pavement.

There is pavement but it is about 5-10 steps total as you head into the woods for the first time.