Deja vu all over again


Really? This can’t be happening again.


What?? A weather delay in thunderstorm season?

is this that shocking or that big a deal, REALLY?

Folks now want to lean on forecasts and change whole days of scheduling because it MIGHT rain or thunder?

This is the way it is, been going on for 40 years


Meet is postponed, it must be horrible for such an early call


There is a thunderstorm the size of a blimp over Old Bridge right now. Hold off the meet for 30 minutes until the lightning clears and press on. To have everyone make the trek and then turn them back right away when you can likely get most of the meet in tonight seems ridiculous.


I do not see th radr and am not a weather guy, so I presume they have those toosl at their disposal

Many will have an opinion on this

I would have thought , if they were comitted to running the meet today they would wait it out, nothing wrong with dragging it into the night really

But there must be a valid reason


I am looking at 360 of sunny skies… We have prom tomorrow… Very disappointed with the early call… Patience is a virtue . :(((


I don’t want to jump on them without knowing all of the facts, but they did not take very long to postpone it. Why did they even start the meet?? :confused:


Announcement was made at the precise second the sun broke through … it was like a bad april fools joke. Meet starts at 5. Anyone looking for something to do at 11pm tomorrow … the 3200 should be starting


I do think that is a valid question to which I am sure there is a decent answer

45 minutes in is a bit early to call it entirely, but maybe they figured with second warning you were already at 530 so events were almost 2 hours backed up

some kids had already fully warmed up
I don;t know, it does seem like folks are awfully quick to pull the trigger on cancellatiuons nowadays

I am sure that some of it has to do with what a litigious socierty we have become


I got a call from a friend at the meet–he was sputtering mad. After parking at a remote lot, taking the shuttle bus,etc they called the meet just as he arrived. By the time he was heading back to the lot to get his car it was beautiful & sunny. I don’t know…


This may be first 3 day MOC meet in NJSIAA history. They can complete running events tomorrow (probably), but at least some of the field events do not have lights.

From Jim’s blog. I am wondering why they didn’t wait until 5:30 to make the call.

“4:02: That could be our only winner today. It is pouring right now. We just had more thunder, so it will be at least another half-hour from now before we can start. Don Danser of the NJSIAA, the meet director, said he is prepared to wait until 5:30 before deciding on whether to postpone the remainder of the meet until Friday”


Evidently there was a line of thunderstorms on the radar. The jumps were soaked and could not be used so there would have been another day for those.

5:00 start tomorrow is due to the middle school on the grounds having a full day of school unlike half day today.

No Ben Malone tomorrow due to Dream Mile on Saturday. Ajee?


We were by the jumping area and it was almost dry as we were leaving in the sun and the pits were covered so I believe the javelin would be the only issue since it is the only event on grass.


Joe , what is the deal with that if you miss MOC after Q;ing, but then do not show because of meet postponement

I assume this faals under UNFORSEEN withdrawal?

WITHDRAWAL: Any school or contestant who fails to appear for the State Championships (Meet of Champions) after
having qualified as a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place finisher whose performance falls within the top eighteen (18)
performances of all the qualifiers (medal winners) in the State Group Championships will be subject to any
penalties as enforced by the NJSIAA and barred from participation in the Outdoor Track Competition, at all
levels i. e., Sectional, State Group, and State Championships the following year unless extraordinary
circumstances caused such unforeseen withdrawal

is weather really that extraordinary , obviously this would be an unforseen withdrawal, as had meet been completed on designed day, there would have been no withdrawal


Is Ben even withdrawing?


I hope Ben runs the 800 tomorrow and not the dream mile. There is nothing like the MOC and state meet series as a HSer. He will have plenty of chances to run “dream miles” against top comp next year and in college but not many chances to run against the instate rivals that exist at this level.

I guess it wouldn’t be a bad double if he decided to double back the next day. I think it’s pretty established that delayed onset muscle soreness is more prominent the 2nd day after competing than the first if you want to get scientific.


From Jim’s blog. Having it Monday - even if there was no rain/thunder tomorrow - would be making the best of a bad situation. No proms and two days after dream races.
“4:33: Tomorrow’s weather report calls for more of the same issues, so we could be looking at another similar scenario. Meet officials here say the event could be pushed to Saturday if necessary, but that is not official. Our guess is that Monday would be a more likely day if this gets pushed back again”.


I didn’t have the heart to take a picture of the clear skies after we were told the meet was canceled… :smiley:


Lambo was clearly pumped for today’s meet - here he is calling out splits between the lightning strikes… :eek:



They made an announcement that because of the date change there would be no penalties accessed to anyone who chose not to come back, regardless if they were top 18.


``The radar shows that a train of storms will continue to come through here, so I have decided to suspend the meet,’’ Danser said.

Again, was this out of nowhere? Weren’t we expecting storms? There was also this: “Don Danser of the NJSIAA, the meet director, said he is prepared to wait until 5:30 before deciding on whether to postpone the remainder of the meet until Friday.”

Yet it got called at 4:11, and for the next hour and a half, according to the article, the weather remained fine?

I don’t get it.