Deadspin article on former Toledo Coach Kevin Hadsell


Horny Toledo!




While having a relationship with one of your athletes is obviously NOT okay, the thing I find to be more concerning is the apparently manipulative power he had over the team. This megalomaniac-type need for control over your team may not be a fire-able offense, but it can be just as (or even more) damaging to student-athletes. It is also probably more rampant at elite programs than indelicate relationships (though the two do seem to go hand in hand, especially since the sexual relationships are often just extensions of a need to exert power).


What a horror story.

One of my college coaches was forced to resign over an affair with a female athlete. Oddly enough, same type of girl described in the article … truly needed this coaches approval and the coach ranged in his attention from very positive to down right cruel. Very twisted. I hope she’s doing better.



Here’s his first interview with a local news station.


Not getting any better for him…

Can’t post the pic here because of size.


I’m 17 and say dude less than this grown man.