Daylight Saving Time is upon us-----It's SPRING!


Daylight Saving Time (United States) 2015 begins at 2:00 AM on Sunday, March 8,2015


Calendar may say March. Mother Nature still thinks it’s January.


Calm down, it’s 19 degrees out.


already? I feel like we just did this


Back on November 2nd 2014 (a scant 122 days ago) we went to Standard Time
. So yes we just did this clock changing thing.
We only spend 35% of the year (18 weeks) in Standard Time while we spend 65% in the Daylight Saving Time program.


I’d prefer if we spent 100% of the year in Daylight Savings Time Program. I’m ok with going to work in the dark. Coming home in the dark sucks big time.

Oh, and btw, the high today is a balmy 78 here. Not gonna complain about that.


I always look forward to the longer days.

It was 65 this morning on the way to work. Very spring like for sure! It’s 39 now (just 6 hours later) and snowmegedon is on it’s way.


birds singing…had the windows open and fan running in the office this afternoon…temps in mid-high 70s! Beautiful!

Rain started at 5:30pm…winds kicked up…and we are under a traveler’s advisory for sleet and freezing rain in the morning…somebody needs to choke that _______ groundhog to death!


OK 'fess up who forgot?

Do you actually have any timepieces or electronic devices, other than wristwatches, that need human intervention to accomplish the task?


Well, I’ve gotta adjust the time on my stove/microwave and in the truck. Do those count?


Microwave and an electric clock for me.


I changed the microwaves at work. What a great person.