David Vannucchi


I see a bunch of discussions about the distance Class of 2019…I’m a bit confused about David Vannucchi. Running? Injured? Graduated early? Sabbatical? Am I a year off? (LOL) Maybe I missed something along the way, but I’m curious about this 2018 CC champion and where he is at. VH


Lots of our top guys took off indoors, Schnoor, scherer, vanucci, Holmes, Elijah devries, loetscher and that fine Middleton distance runner have all taken indoors. Bloomquist ran one irrelevant 4:46 mile on March 18th and hasn’t run since. That’s 8 guys with sub 9:20 potentially 9:15 or better talent that didn’t run indoors yet it may have been one of our best indoor seasons ever in Wisconsin. In addition James giftos didn’t run who could be a sub 4:15 miler nor did ash Francis and Madison west may have run but their times are really as though they weren’t running hard. Hopefully most of these guys are back in the mix soon I did hear vanucchi should be in a meet next week. Indoors has become almost an optional season. Even our top 800 guy in the state edgargo Vargas ran zero meets in the state of Wisconsin As both his 1:54 indoors and his 1:55 outdoors we’re traveling meets. I love indoors and I ran a full season growing up on small and big tracks alike but I think overall we won’t really know the players for state until early May given the optionality of the indoor season now a days


Vannucchi has run in two meets this outdoor season. He ran the 4x800 and 4x400 in both of them. 2:02 and :54 splits in the meet last Friday. Hopefully we’ll see some distance races from him soon.




4:30 solo open in a duel meet. will likely be hard to truly open competitively at sub 4:15 pace at palatine (leaders may be sub 4:10) but he doesn’t need to be in it to win that race he just needs to get his times meaningfully lower to be in a good position for his state meet run post that race. An effort under 4:20 will have him right in the hunt despite skipping indoors. I believe his pr is 4:17/4:18 I think starting late you just focus on personal improvements and not worry too much about competition until the championship season


I wouldn’t count him out quite yet. A 4:30 to him is nothing plus we don’t know what the wind was like in that region on meet day. Last year he went 9:24 at Palatine because he again didn’t come out swinging from the get go and as you said focused on his own development and journey to the state championships. If anything this performance was better than I personally had anticipated for him. I thought 9:30 would have been exceptional yet he went 6 seconds faster. As for 2019 in the 1600 I think anything under 4:22 for him would be a good checkpoint and 4:18-4:19 would be exceptional. If he somehow mustered the right courage and right pace he would impress me – and us – going anything faster. This is why we race them!

Here are the 3200 results from 2018:

Name Yr School Finals H# Pts
1 Methner, Josh 10 Hersey 9:06.65 2
2 Garcia, Marcos 12 Waukegan 9:07.09 2
3 Brady, Tommy 11 Maine South 9:08.21 2
4 Moody, Stephen 11 Glenbard West 9:08.41 2
5 Cushing, Tyler 10 Bolingbrook 9:09.70 2
6 Gardner, Brett 10 Frankfort (Linco 9:11.95 2
7 Perreault, Conor 12 Niles North 9:12.63 2
8 McNabola, Jack 12 Chicago (Francis 9:14.21 2
9 Powell, Mathias 11 Mahomet-Seymour 9:14.76 2
10 Parrish, Charlie 12 Freeburg 9:16.24 2
12 Blanco, Matthew 12 Oswego (East) 9:20.47 2
13 Norrick, Patrick 12 Winnetka (New Tr 9:20.93 2
14 Vannucchi, David 11 Luther 9:24.42 2
15 Ohm, Austin 12 Dyer (Illiana Ch 9:25.86 2
21 Burns, Patrick 12 Lake Zurich 9:29.07 2
28 Svienty, Max 10 Hersey 9:38.88 2
33 Ellenbecker, Charlie 12 Monona Grove 9:49.71 2
DNS Meinke, Matthew 11 Neenah –:--:– 2


I wouldn’t count him out either but I think after missing indoors I would rather see him in the second fastest heat trying to win against leffel madoch and kisting while dipping under 4:20 than running the fast heat where the winner will likely run 4:08 if the weather is good. I think he has a shot at running under 4:20 either way and I’m not putting any limit on what he can achieve at state as a 4:13 or a 4:11 or even a 4:09 wouldn’t shock me. I may be underestimating how easy it is to miss indoors, cole hocker from Indiana skipped indoors and opened up outdoors after skipping indoors with a 4:11 1600/4:12 mile so good workouts can clearly get you ready to roll but I agree with your post zen it’s all about state meet for Vannucchi so consistent steps to get there seem like the right approach. Anyway he is in the fast heat so we will see how he does he beat meinke at the wisconsin mile in June so if he can do it again he may run 4:13-4:15 and pr which would be an awesome first competitive meet of the year. I’m guessing that’s who he will try to stick to and if he can pass with 100 to go