Dana Feyen


Anyone know what happened to Dana Feyen? She ran 23:40.9 for 27th on Saturday. https://www.athletic.net/result/e2F2ejxi6D4gg/


Looking at the results I would say pacing their #2 runner whom is a freshman that finished with the same time.


Correct. From talking to her coach she’s helping her teammates out with pacing. They finally have a complete girls team and they are excited to show up in the scoring. Dana will race hard in a few weeks.


Is this not what practice is for? This whole pacing a teammate thing always sounds like such a cover up. HOWEVER I can see its practicality if the teammates being paced are somewhat new.


That’s what, maybe the third race in her career that she’s ran with people close to her?


One of the moms from GET who was there said Dana is laying low now because she is focusing on being ready for the races after state.


very ambitious. ive sort of categorized Dana Feyen as Andi Ostenso part ii. What makes them different? I am not positive but i think Ladysmith’s all timer was also all-midwest. I hope Dana has a 1-2-3 easy path to regionals.


I’m sure that her coaches make decisions that are thought out with her best interest. We coaches have a strong opinion on what is right or wrong to do with our athletes, we should not pass judgment on how other coaches coach theirs. I think we’ll see some good things soon from Dana.