D3 top 10 boys


I know there has been a lot of discussion about D1 boys which there should be. They are outstanding runners!!! However there was a thread started a bit ago asking for top 10 individuals in each division. It got responses for D1 and D2 boys but not D3 which I am curious about. I would do my predictions on the top 10 but I don’t have the time to do the research. I’d love to hear anyone’s thoughts!!!


  1. David Vannucchi, Luther - 4:30.44/9:44.35 as a freshman in the spring. Ran 16:09 at Parkside.
  2. Jacob Wahlers, Algoma - standout 4:24/9:34 guy but with low quality wins thus far.
  3. Wesley Schiek, Valley Christian - 4th at Lourdes. A 9:29 last spring.
  4. Adam Rzentowski, Rosholt - 2nd overall in the D2-D3 race at Smiley.
  5. Payton Heinberg, Darlington - Won SS division at Dick McKichan in 16:36. Top D3 Finisher at Midwest.
  6. Alex Binfet, Unity - 2nd at Griak in Maroon Race
  7. Connor Dolan, Assumption - 8th at Lourdes and 20s back from Schiek
  8. Jackson Moore, Lourdes Academy - 9th at Lourdes
  9. Brian Mathews, Riverdale - 9th last year at state
  10. Lucas Caminiti, Wisconsin Heights/Barneveld - 2nd in Small Schools division at Dick McKichan


@zen Thanks for your reply! I only know about some of the runners from my area that I’ve seen this year. I know that Conner Hacket was 3rd at Dick McKichan small school. Brian Matthew’s time at Fennimore was pretty impressive too. There was some ankle deep mud and he pulled off about a 17:17 I think.


I didn’t realize Wisconsin Heights/Barneveld was D3. Have they been D3 for a while? I always thought they were D2.

I’ll give you a secret – the nexus for my D3 individual rankings revolves a lot around a D2 runner. You’re probably like what are you even talking about?

<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/c/c2698ac03d762eb84643001e6b42e211ad2b1fcb.png" width=“637” height="500"title=“Lourdes Academy Race Results - 2016-09-24”>

Miguel Mathias of D2 Nekoosa/Port Edwards won the D2-D3 Smiley Race. He obviously ran a better time at Smiley but if we were to weigh in with course ratings. westharrier only gives the Legion Golf Course a 4/10 on the difficulty scale whereas he gives Lake Breeze a 1.1/10. All things considered, if Mathias had the same effort from the Smiley course on the Lake Breeze course, he should have been close to a 16:10. So perhaps he had a sub par race (went out too fast, couldn’t hang). He was the measure for a chunk of the D3 rankings I put up.


This is Wisconsin Heights/Barneveld’s third year in D3. Their guys are ranked 7th in D3.


Vannucchi just became really legit. 15:47 at the Ridges (not the exact same course as state).



@zen Wow. Thanks for the update! If you take Heinberg’s time it is pretty similar to Platteville. I don’t know this course. Is it a fast course then? You have two D2 runners, Spencer Currie and Gus Kaiser who have traded off and on in the year but they weren’t close at all yesterday.


The rapids race was a good race. The course was cool, fast and dry. Dolan led for the majority of the first mile and when Vannucchi passed him he slipped into his hip and he looked like he was gonna try to stay with him but then he just died. I don’t know what happened but literally following the mile he just disappeared. Vannucchi had a great race. It will be interesting to see what he can do at state. Also I think Langteau should be in consideration for top ten as well for d3.


Chris Solinsky went 15:13 at the Rapids Invite in 2002. Keith Hanson went 15:20 in 1981. Miehe 16:04 in 2012 and 16:06 in 2013.

Take a look at yesterday’s weather statistics. 47, sunny, no rain, little wind.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say Tyson Miehe’s D3 record of 15:52 is in trouble. This kid seems pretty real. If you scroll down to the bottom of the All-time Ridges List (in the first post) there are Division course records.


The conditions were fast, but not counting course conditions is the course slower or faster than the state course?

  1. David Vannucchi, Luther - 15:47 at the Ridges 4:30.44/9:44.35 as a freshman
  2. Jacob Wahlers, Algoma - 3rd at Russ Fameree, 1st in SS Division (16:50). 4:24/9:34 in the spring
  3. Wesley Schiek, Valley Christian - Won Small Schools race at Laconia by over a minute. 9:29 to his name
  4. Josh Langteau, Athens - 5th at Rapids
  5. Payton Heinberg, Darlington - Reached a new threshold at the Rapids Invite (16:30)
  6. Adam Rzentowski, Rosholt - 2nd overall in the D2-D3 race at Smiley
  7. Lucas Caminiti, Wisconsin Heights/Barneveld - 1st in Small Schools at Baertschi
  8. Conor Hackett, Darlington - New threshold with 8th at Rapids
  9. Connor Dolan, Assumption - Fell back at Rapids
  10. Jackson Moore, Lourdes Academy - idle, 9th at Lourdes
    Brian Mathews, Riverdale - dogged 2nd place finish at home invite behind d2 stud
    Alex Binfet, Unity - 1st at Amery in 16:47. 2nd at Griak in Maroon Race

These are shuffled around from the last set. There’s obviously a pack capable of 16:35-16:45 that will leapfrog each other from week to week. Ruiz of Webster has just missed my rankings twice now but this week he moved Binfet down from #6 as he only finished 2s behind him at Amery. After Vannucchi , Josh Langteau really proved himself in the Rapids race as well as the Darlington 1-2 so that brings more credibility to the McKichan results. It looks like Lourdes varsity and Jackson Moore dodged. I think Vannucchi is a major emerging talent and just discovering what he can do.


I don’t think it can be that much slower or faster than state.


Ruiz crushed Binfet last night at the Lakeland meet. Conditions were perfect. Both Unity and Webster lack a 5th man.


@Kraig21 Leap frogged again at the Marawood!


My guess is that Dolan ran a poor race and maybe had a poor day at Rapids. My guess is that he is being underestimated but I could be wrong. When you come into a race with a “I should have a good chance at winning this” attitude you can probably run a not so smart race pretty easily.


Anyone at Arcadia for conference? How hard is the course there? Vannucchi won by 12 seconds with a 16:51. Spencer Currie ran 17:00 at his conference meet. Those were the top two finishers at the Ridges earlier this year. @zen I’m beginning to have doubts on how much that course can be compared to the state course.


@zen Dolan beat Langsteau by 14 seconds.


ruiz beat binfet too.