D2 Team Rankings - 10/11



  1.    Monroe - Top finishing D2 school at Midwest, 13th overall; Big times at Dick McKichan

  2.    Lakeland Union - Beat a number of D1 teams at Smiley; Trounced at Tomahawk

  3.    Wisconsin Lutheran - Finished 4th at home invite; 3rd at Lourdes

  4.    Dodgeville/Mineral Point - 2nd D2 team at Midwest, 14th overall; Strong finish at McKichan

  5.    Omro - Won at Laconia; Beat ranked teams at Lourdes and at Bonduel;

  6.    Valders - Solid at Brillion and Chilton; Two canceled meets (Kewaskum and Reedsville);

  7.    Notre Dame - Sat top 2 runners at Seymour; Showed what they can do at Pulaski

  8.    Shorewood - 2nd at home invite; Won D2 race at Smiley; 5th at Lourdes

  9.    McFarland - Won RVC North; 3rd at McKichan; Potential single digit scorer in state setting

  10.    Lakeside Lutheran - 3rd at Chocolate City

  11.    Oconto Falls - Beat Freedom and L-C at Russ Fameree; Lost to Luxemburg-Casco at Bremser

  12.    Freedom - Beat L-C at Russ Fameree; Can jump in a state meet setting with low scorer

  13.    Luxemburg-Casco - 3rd at Home Invite; Beat OF at Mishicot; Improved since Smiley

  14.    East Troy - 2nd at RVC North; 5th at Chocolate City

  15.    Madison Edgewood - Put 6 under 18 at City Championships; 3rd in Smiley D2-D3 meet

Honorable Mention (no particular order, incomplete list of teams that helped with the divide)

   Cedar Grove-Belgium
   Kettle Moraine Lutheran
   Medford Area
   Northland Pines

Concluding comments:

In D2 we have three teams vying for the title with a possible 4th on a great day. Monroe and Lakeland Union have proven themselves against D1 competition and so has Dodgeville/Mineral Point. Monroe, however, handled Dodgeville/Mineral Point and McFarland at the Dick McKichan meet. Wisconsin Lutheran has a decent team but Monroe would put two runners in front of their #1 on their best day while Lakeland simply runs about the same as the Vikings do every week except on harder courses.

After #4 there’s a gap and after #7 there is another gap. Omro has been having a good season and they’ve beat respected teams. I am not sold on the Valders team running good times at Chilton and Brillion but track statistics back up their talent. They had two meets canceled in the recent weeks giving them an extra question mark. Teams ranked #11-15 and parts of the Honorable Mention category could flip flop depending on the day. Luxemburg-Casco is at the heart of this flip flopping and while they don’t necessarily have the times to justify their ranking they have respective wins and finishes over other teams.

Lastly, there are reasons to believe that what comes out of the Ashland v. Bloomer v. Northwestern battles might actually be a #8 - #12 team despite the times and finishes not supporting that theory. I’ve seen Webster be in the 18s all year and then come down to the rapids and put 3-4 under 17:20. Ashland lacks depth but has a solid #1-2 in the Miller twins and that will help in a sectional and state meet setting.


Pewaukee is D1 now for future reference


Then everyone shifts up one and I have to give it to Madison Edgewood. Teams like Deerfield/Cambridge, Platteville and Jefferson are kind of in the same boat. Great Northern Conference should be an interesting matchup between Tomahawk and Medford Area this Saturday at 9-mile park. Tomahawk finished 3rd at its home invite recently but Tomahawk #1-5 looks to have dodged Medford at the Edgar Invite a couple weeks ago. I think it’s pretty close between the two teams but Saturday will tell the real story.


Deerfield / Cambridge is ranked #12 in the coaches poll because both co-head coaches of the unecessary co-op Deerfield / Cambridge, Matt Polzen and Sean Currie, vote in the D2 polls. All it takes is one brute force vote at #1 or even #5 and their total points shoot up in the final scoring.

I still don’t trust Valders that high even though I ranked them that high myself. I can see an argument for Cedar Grove-Belgium as a team like Grafton based on their Port Washington finish but not a #11 team with their #3-4-5 way back. Probably a classic case of coaches over ranking their teams.

Other than that D2 doesn’t look too bad. My estimation is that most people are missing the win-loss of Oconto Falls, Freedom and Luxemburg-Casco. Again, L-C doesn’t have the times to justify their ranking but they have fared well in the head-to-head team standings.


Sorry to bump last week’s rankings and confuse people. But once these schools had a chance to run on a faster course their times started looking a bit more normal and not so slow. D2 Rice Lake Sectional Results.

I don’t know if it’s the more extreme weather – it’s either really cold or due to the openness of the smog-less air really scorching – or the difficulty of ungroomed 4 wheeler trails but it happens every year with this Northwest corner of schools. Important note for rankings every year.



Nailed it. And that sectional course – hosted by Deerfield – is very clearly ridiculously short.