D2 Guys talk


ok, well if there is D1 and D3, there might as well be D2.

It is supposed to be extremely competitive this year! Some teams I have been told to “watch”:

Wisconsin Lutheran, Monroe, Aquinas, Dodgeville Mineral Point etc

No matter what, I am sure state will be close


I think the 4 teams that could win it are Wisconsin Lutheran, Shorewood, Aquinas, and Monroe, but I don’t know what order I would put them in.

Individually, Wunnicke-McCoy is going to be a great battle.


christianson is on the rise… will be interesting if he can get back to form in time


I find it interesting to how everyone seems to have forgotten about the defending state champion. He did lay down a 50s win last weekend. That’s a pretty quick improvement since injury he’s made and it’s not October yet. I say with his performance last year, and his talent, as long as he stays healthy he makes it a three person race for the win. He’s my pick if healthy winning with the strongest kick, followed by McCoy for 2nd, and Wunnicke for 3rd.


If Christianson is healthy, no one will touch him.


don’t be so sure, cross is NOT track…these races are never tactical so even if Christianson was healthy he wouldn’t be laying down a 60 flat last 400 for the win or anything like that, he will have to be in it from the start. Will Evans be in perfect form by state? if he is will he do something similar to last year, and take it out incredibly fast? everybody now knows who he is so maybe there will be a big group chasing after him. anyway I don’t see either of the sophmore state champs winning it. It will be a battle between McCoy and Wunnicke and McCoy will outlast Wunnicke I say, Christianson comes in with a strong finish for 3rd followed by Joe Mckenna then Campbell and Evans rounding out the podium. time guesses don’t mean much but I will give it a whirl:

  1. McCoy 15:47
  2. Wunnicke 15:52
  3. Christianson 16:00
  4. Mckenna 16:02
  5. Campbell 16:04
  6. Evans 16:11

i think the top 6 will be pretty fast and then the times will drop off a bit, I know these are still very fast guesses.

EDIT: yes I think Luterbach’s record will stand, McCoy has a whole nother year to get that, for now he will focus on the win.



McCoy is no Luterbach. Lets be real here…


EDIT: yes I think Luterbach’s record will stand, McCoy has a whole nother
year to get that, for now he will focus on the win.

Agree on McCoy winning, but he’s not even close to Luterbach. If he breaks 15:55 I’ll be impressed. He’s having a beast year but come on let’s be real here…



Watched the race. Pretty fast times.


another recent race with D2: Shorewood


Interesting Aquinas and Nekoosa!


The top six runners were about 20-30 seconds slower than their pr’s so the times were not that fast considering the teams and runners that were there. Wisconsin Lutheran looked very good.


Many of those top runners ran their faster PRs on courses that some say were not “legit” or a full 5k.

However, I have no idea myself about the truth behind those thoughts.

But, I always thought of that course as a fast one, perhaps faster than Arrowhead which is supposed to be a “flat pancake”

Oh and yes about Wisco Lutheran


Had Joe McAsey from Marquette been running, the results would have looked a little different, but Wisco Lutheran is definitely my pick for D2 State Champ. They keep on impressing me.


I agree that McCarty is a fairly fast course and that is why I was surprised the times weren’t faster. It is not Arrowhead fast because there are more tight turns, but it can be a pr course. The last two years the times have not been very fast at this meet, due at least in part because of warmer than normal weather for October. I thought there would be some sub 16 times, although not having Hirsch or McCasey run changed the upfront strength of the meet.

You are correct that some of the season bests going into this meet were set on questionable courses, but not all of them. Out of the top 26 runners, only 5 people ran season bests, and one of those was Cyra who is just getting back in shape. 9 of the 26 that were not even close to their season bests ran their times at Parkside, a very legit course. For example, Gagne was 28 seconds slower than his Parkside time and Petersson was 30 seconds slower. Campbell was 25 seconds slower than his season best, which admittedly was at Sheridan park, a questionable course. However, he has beaten Hirsch the only time he raced him and he ran a faster time at Kletzsch Park than yesterday, a legit course. Wisconsin Lutheran ran a great race on their home course and not one of their guys ran a pr.

So to make a short post, long, I didn’t think the times were very fast yesterday considering the field, previous season bests and that McCarty is usually a pr type of course.


Well done, thank you. I understand where you are coming from. I also agree with the “hinted at” idea that the front runners were not “pulled” so much by those fast runners who did not race.


Gun lap - you can scold me on Monday.

I was also a little suprised by the slower times at McCarty on Friday. Even with the absence of the Arrowhead Varsity team, Hirsch and McAsey, there were still some excellent upfront runners. I think these are the reasons why times were slower:

  1. It was a wamer 80 degree day with a bit of a wind. Usually it is 60 and dry at this time of the season.
  2. The rain we got 7-10 days ago had the grass thicker than usual. I even thought about having the course cut before race time because McCarty is usually a flat and hard course with long straight-aways and fairly gentle turns.
  3. The field got out fast enough. The 1st mile is always the fastest/easiest mile. I was at the 800 and the leader went through in 2:27 and the mile was about 4:58. Cambell, Gagne and Peterson were leading by that point.
  4. I know that the course was about 5 seconds long for the boys. You would think that after 13 or so years of hosting this meet at McCarty, that the boys and girls finish lines would match up. We measured and lined exactly as we have done in the past, but for some reason the boys finish was too short of the girls finish line. We kept the boys course slightly long.
  5. I dont know all of the reasons why some of the top elite runners didnt race, but I bet that some were resting before the championship trio of conference, sectionals and state. Those are races where you may have to “go to the well” for various individual and team reasons. I’m not sure if the top 5-6 runners at Viking “went to the well” for a faster time. Individually, things were pretty much decided by the 2.5 mile mark.

On a slightly different note, if you check the results from the Midwest Invite going back over the past 5-7 years, things have gotten progressively faster at that meet. It is not because the course is short. That golf course combined with a very dry summer and early fall, combined with some of the best runners and teams duking it out to the end makes it fast.


i agree with all your posts…and keep up the work with your two freshman. you got two gems in those kids.


Does anyone know where Grey Davis (Lakeside Lutheran) has been racing as of late. WisconsinXC has him ranked #9 individually in D2 with a season pr of 15:39, but in his individual profile I only see a 16:53 for 2011. What recent meets am I not seeing from him?


I am not sure of recent times from him, but on wisconsinxc.com lifetime pr’s are listed, not just this year. So I don’t think Grey has run 15:39 this year. He did the same think with Woodford, listing his time in the rankings at 15:39 early in the season, even though he hadn’t broken 16 this season. Personally I think the rankings should just list their seasonal best, since so much can change from year to year.