D2 Girls


Don’t get me wrong, D1 has some standouts… but I am starting to think this D2 girls race is going to be a bit more intense at the top.

[]Allie Woodward, Notre Dame - Won the Griak, PR of 14:28
]Andi Ostenso, Ladysmith - Beat Wausau East’s Eckhoff today in a PR of 14:09
[]Tricia Serres, Platteville - Lost to Flatley today by 14s, PR of 14:12[/LIST]Then throw in a few others who’ve proven themselves at one time or another:[LIST]
]Kristin Linzmeier, Chilton, defeated Eckhoff (who had an off day)
[]Maddy Haupert, Aquinas, won the Holte Invitational today in 15:12.00, PR of 14:32
]Maddie Hibshman, Onalaska, last year’s d1 10th place finisher[/LIST]


I think Allie Woodward of Notre Dame will be hard to beat because it seems like she shows up when the competition does…but how about Andi Ostenso with the 14:01 yesterday? I do know that the Ladysmith course is a bit on the faster side but still that is blazing. She might be the 2nd best runner in the state right now behind Molly Seidel IMO.