D1 Team Rankings - 10/18


Division 1 Rankings:

  1.    Madison West - Won Big Eight over Middleton 56-67; Beat Arrowhead at Eagle
  2.    Arrowhead - Won quality CL8 by 35pts; 1st at Midwest; Lost by 1pt to West at Eagle
  3.    Middleton - 2nd at Big Eight; Beat West at Verona; Beat Arrowhead at Arrowhead
  4.    Oconomowoc - Solid #1-6 at WLT; Low point scorer and excellent balance
  5.    South Milwaukee - Won Woodland; Low scoring #1-2 and good #3-5 balance
  6.    Neenah - Good Neenah returns for 23pt win over Kimberly at FVA; 2nd at Midwest
  7.    Homestead- Won NSC by 19pts over Germantown; Best #1-2 in WI; #4-5 need to come down
  8.    Sun Prairie - 3rd at Big Eight; Solid #1-2 but needs more balance to move higher
  9.    Madison Memorial - 4th at Big Eight; Need to put it together on the same day
  10.    Hudson - Won BRC by 45pts; Balanced team all around
  11.    West Bend West - 2nd at WLT; Very solid #1-3, #4-5-6 need to have more impact
  12.    Monona Grove - Won Badger South by 32pts; Not the same 4th place team from Midwest
  13.    Stevens Point - Won WVC by 59pts; No one doubts the talent but the races aren’t there
  14.    Green Bay Preble - Won FRCC by 23pts at Colburn Park over unranked Bay Port
  15.    Madison La Follette - 5th at Big Eight; Potential 1pt and excellent #2 but balance is hot/cold

Honorable mention: (no order and this is an incomplete list of teams that helped with the “divide”)

   Bay Port

   Brookfield East

   Eau Claire Memorial



   Janesville Craig

   Kenosha Bradford



   Milwaukee King


   Racine Horlick

   Waukesha North

   Wauwautosa East

Concluding comments:

I went through a checklist of big picture topics after conference weekend. It included questions like:

  • How did the team fare at conference?
  • What were the weather / post-weather conditions?
  • Was this a deep conference or was conference simply a walk through checkpoint?
  • Was it a commanding win or did they barely edge unranked opponents?
  • A win by over 20pts against lower ranked or near ranked opponents?
  • Less than 30pt wins against teams not near the rankings?
  • How does the course compare to the Ridges?
  • How would this team fare in a state meet setting where 16:40-17:20 runners will be heavily displaced?

Please notice I ranked Oconomowoc #4 and West Bend West #11 even though they were just 5pts apart in the WLT results. Also take note that the Big Eight 5th place finisher Madison La Follette had a less than stellar performance from their #3-5 and lost to Sun Prairie and Memorial by ~20pts. This says two things. One, that the gap between #15 and #9 is just that – 20pts. Second, similar to Homestead, La Follette has the ability to jump really high. It was very difficult to stomach a #15 ranking for La Follette despite previous in-season successes and how much lenience their #3-5 will get if Finn and Freitag combine for 12pts if the team qualifies for state. Memorial can also jump pretty high too if they put it all together on the same day which I don’t think they have yet. Monona Grove and Stevens Point dropped in the rankings this week despite both squads having decent credentials. Monona Grove does not appear to be the same force as it was a month ago at Midwest – which could be part of the plan. Stevens Point would be ranked higher if they put three runners in front of Wausau East’s #2 at WVC and plainly it’s worrisome that they didn’t given the talent on the team. Perhaps this weekend and last SPASH could afford to train-through (must be nice). Lastly, Green Bay Preble won an easier conference on an easier course whereas teams in the Big Eight and Homestead ran on courses that compare well to the Ridges (Tendick & Verona).


It sucks that Madison Memorial has very little chance of making state, and if they do it means they probably would’ve upset Middleton which would be absolutely ridiculous. You also have Oconomowoc, Sun Prairie, Monona Grove and La Follette (also Craig for that matter) in the Beloit Memorial sectional. Three very deserving teams will be ending their seasons early this Saturday while (with all due respect) the 2nd teams to come out of Sectionals 1 and 10 with probably get 19th and 20th at state or thereabout. The ruthlessness of sectionals is real!!



In my opinion unless an injury or illness occurs i don’t think any top 6- 8 teams aren’t going to state. some imbalance will always occur and sometimes the imbalances are surprising/unpredictable like how weak the 800 was in the Madison west sectional last spring despite the plethora of talented distance runners in the conference but this years imbalances may stink but arent criminal nor will be relevant at the state level. ultimately state will be awesome with 10 plus teams shooting for top 3-4 at state and awesome individual performances.


I would argue that both La Crosse Logan and Onalaska could be on that honorable mention list. They are both far deeper and have a much better 5th man then Eau Claire Memorial. I predict they will both beat Memorial at the Chippewa Falls sectional.


Please see what is in the parenthesis. No need for arguments for or against certain teams in that section. The reason I denote an incomplete list of teams is because the teams listed were ruled out of the rankings by defeat. The teams I mentioned help form cutoffs. La Crosse Logan and Onalaska arent much of a factor in comparison to the top 15. There will always be flip flopping in 16-40 teams. Good luck to Onalaska and Logan at Sectionals.


My intention was just to draw some attention and discussion to some emerging competitive teams, not to argue. Your top 15 rankings are stellar.


Again coaches need to keep pressing for seeding of some kind as something is better than the @#^%$ sandwich some of the teams are getting now. It’s the selfish coaches that want a free ride to state without having to face any real competition that are irritating and preventing progress in our sectional assignments. Can’t the WIAA just step up and do what is right. They had no problem at all using a power play to get rid of 4K for the girls which was I believe a good idea.


Great thoughtful rankings I agree with XC1 in that Madison Memorial a potential top 10 team at state, in there sectional has little chance of making it through. And in the Beloit Sectional a couple ranked team will bite the dust. While in some other sectionals one or more mediocre teams will slide through.



maybe best solution is leave as is and then vote for 2 at large teams to join the state meet although that vote will likely have a lot of politics it still seems like a decent solution for a truly deserving team to get in


Defending state champions, Kimberly, is another team I think has the ability to surprise people. Start off looking at the Midwest results where they were one up on Craig and below Bradford, Monroe (D2) and Dodgeville/Mineral Point (D2).

15.   355  Kimberly                                           (  16:56.6  1:24:42.6   1:42.0)
  1     10  Isaac Benz           12   16:01.4
  2     11  Rowen Ellenberg      10   16:03.2
  3     99  Jesse Lambrecht      11   17:23.3
  4    109  Will Demerath        11   17:31.3
  5    126  Trent Hyland         12   17:43.4
  6   (155) Logan Hartman        11   18:01.3
  7   (183) Eric Trempe          11   18:38.8

They were missing their #5 man from the championship team last year, Jack Fitzgerald, who ran 1:58/4:30i/9:56 as a sophomore. He was the FVA Outdoor 800 champ. He must have been injured or something and is just now dropping time. He was 17:04 at FVA last week.

If he runs to his ability and continues to drop time to say a 16:45 while two (Demerath + 1 more) from the next three peak well like Kimberly did last year at the end and run low 17s or better suddenly this is going to look like a top ten team. They have a very good 1-2 punch in Benz and Ellenberg and that’s going to help.