D1 Boys Mock Meet(s)



Using the team qualifier information from the Sectional Results I ran a D1 mock meet. There are obvious errors in this methodology as 1) No two courses are the same in difficulty and 2) Not all sectionals are drawn equally. On the topic of unequal sectionals, below the first scored mock meet is a second mock meet that added Madison La Follette, Oconomowoc, Janesville Craig and Madison Memorial to the results.

Aside from its faults, in terms of measuring the relative strength of teams and the overall competition at sectionals, I think this compilation brings some clarity to the overall big picture.

Team Qualifiers:

Rk  Pts         School
 1   146	Sun Prairie	
 2   152	Monona Grove		
 3   191	Middleton
 4   193	Madison West
 5   194	West Bend West
 6   206	Arrowhead
 7   213	Neenah* (wins 87-132 on 6th over Kimberly)	
 8   213	Kimberly*
 9   235	Hudson		
10   252	Stevens Point
11   253	Green Bay Preble* (wins 111-116 on 6th over SM)
12   253	South Milwaukee* 	
13   268	Homestead
14   287	Waukesha North
15   324	Brookfield East			
16   345	La Crosse Central	
17   356	Germantown	
18   380	Appleton North			
19   432	Kenosha Tremper			
20   444	Muskego			

Team Qualifiers w/ Ocon, La Follette, Craig and Memorial:

Rk  Pts         School
 1   178        Sun Prairie 
 2   193        Monona Grove
 3   232        Madison La Follette
 4   234        Middleton  
 5   235        Oconomowoc
 6   236        Madison West
 7   248        West Bend West
 8   254        Janesville Craig*  (wins 129-132 on 6th over Arrowhead)	
 9   254        Arrowhead*  
10   266        Kimberly   
11   290        Hudson
12   308        South Milwaukee      
13   312        Stevens Point  
14   313        Green Bay Preble
15   325        Madison Memorial       
16   330        Homestead 
17   350        Waukesha North
18   403        Brookfield East 
19   422        La Crosse Central     
20   437        Germantown      
21   461        Appleton North         
22   522        Kenosha Tremper      
23   534        Muskego 


teams coming out of the beloit memorial sectional are all very impressive but the course difficulty definitely skews the team scores


Beloit is definitely a very fast course. I don’t for a minute think that Finn would go as hard a running a 15:17 in sectionals when he has state next week. He is way to smart for that and so is his coach. I would say the Beloit times are at least 20 seconds faster than any of the other courses heading into state. The final word on these times will be “Ridges” Deforest was definitely slow and wind swept. Should be fun.


Do you really think it’s 20s faster than Oshkosh North’s Sectional at Lake Breeze?

I think Beloit might be faster but the competition is what escalated that even more.


Looking at those bottom six teams I would say not one of them would be there if the sectionals were seeded. None of them could beat, LaFollete, Madison Memorial, Oconomowoc, and probably not Craig. Again the WIAA sectional assignments are a complete mess. If they don’t want to seed then go back to only the champion guaranteed to make it and then pick the remaining teams by a committee. Absolutely anything is better than the system now in place.


If Lake Breeze is dry I would say they could be about the same. I know Lake Breeze is a full 5K. I do not know or have ever measured Beloit’s distance but the first mile is all down hill and you never have to repay much of that distance because the finish line is significantly lower than the starting point. Very fast times in 2014 at Big 8’s. I agree that the competition had to be on a state meet level at the top but DeForest was a war with the top three and times were very vanilla considering the flat course. Beloit is not flat it has a couple good climbs but overall if looked at on a longitudinal profile it would show a net big drop from the start to the finish point


I think these courses need to be professionally surveyed because in the case of D2’s Deerfield course the outcome of the race would have probably changed if it were a full 5k. I think Rylee Miller is someone that can break 16 but I don’t think he had to go all out to get that PR. One day Spencer Currie (grandson of former Memorial coach John Currie) is at 17:00 and the next 15:41 – something isn’t right about that at all. If we got Finn on that course he’d be in the 13s.



It’s unfortunate when a top 6 team doesn’t make state so maybe their should be 2 at large bids like Nike nationals. maybe. but definetly not a reseeding. 1) it’s more expensive and would be a logistical nightmare 2) it would be impossible to do it fairly for boys and girls and candidly it would be terrible to split up the sexes. a lot of teams are close. same coaches and boys and girls cheer for each other. perhaps compete in seperate races but one big team. to send boys to oshkosh and girls to milwaukee for the race of the season would take the coed team unity out of the sport just to once in rare moon save a deserving team (if the seedings were even done right which we know they wouldnt get done right). i think this coed aspect is one of the nicer aspects of this sport. it isn’t worth taking it away. 1-2 at large bids that are optional by a committee in true top 6 of maybe 8 situations would work.


Well I don’t think seeding is impossible and it was proved last year when someone seeded the sectionals and then checked how it would have effected the qualifiers afterwords. There was never any intent to split boys and girls and that would not a should not be done. Check the plan set out by the former West Allis Hale coach last year. Another plan would be to go back to 8 sectionals and have 4 at large which would keep the number of teams still at 20. There is no way a half a dozen ranked teams should be left at home because someone is to lazy to be creative and come up with a plan to keep regional representation and still get the best possible competition to the state meet. Plenty of other sports seed so why is it declared so impossible in cross country. You say it’s unfortunate that a top six team doesn’t make it but why should teams not even in the top 30 make it while a team ranked and earned 10th does not.


Unfortunately there is no minimum distance listed in the course requirements only a maximum. I suppose it is no probem being way short if you say it is 3 miles or 4700M. Why do you think that college CC coaches recruit off of 2 miles times and mile times in track instead of bogus “5K” course times.


While very fun to put together, D1 Mock Meets meant very little which means all the coaches taking shortcuts on athletic.net every week (with incomplete data mind you) are doing themselves a disservice when trying to rank.