D1 Boys individual predictions


can’t wait to see it!

  1. Meister
  2. Woodford
  3. Sandvold
  4. Diffee
  5. Lewin
  6. Hirsch

  1. Hirsch
  2. Meister
  3. Sandvold
  4. Diffee
  5. Gagne
  6. Hansen


Voted other, Daniel LaLuzerne will run a 15:55 in a major upset win. Calling it now.


You’re keeping a 4:13 guy out of the top 6? Wow.

  1. Meister
  2. Woodford
  3. Sandvold
  4. Hansen
  5. Hirsch
  6. Lewin
  7. Diffee


Sure, he may run 15:55, but Meister and at least 10-15 other people will run faster than that, he LaLazerne runs that.


Woodford has had an impressive season thus far. Definately a podium guy.


Hansen has been, as always, impressive. I had him #7 on my list, but I felt there was a big drop off to 8 and posting 7 seemed hackish. Wouldn’t surprise me to see him go around 4th, just going off instincts (plus he’s well coached :slight_smile: ). He shouldn’t have to strain at Sectionals, which benefits him a lot.

EDIT: Worth noting, I also left off a 4:15.0 guy (Bierman). It’s a deep year, it’s a 5k, and it’s Ridges.

  1. Meister
  2. Sandvold
  3. Diffee
  4. Hansen
  5. Hirsch
  6. Lewin


We’ve really got a special group up at the top this fall and people in the second tier who can make the jump. But my hat is off to all of the gentlemen in this poll today. A group of elite milers in the senior class and two emerging juniors who are shoe-ins to be on that same level. Chandler Diffee and Carl Hirsch have stuck their nose in there with some of the very best. And it’s those seniors–Russ, Tommy and Zach–who’ve really set the bar high. Wouldn’t be surprised to see us get one through footlocker and possibly a few NXN qualifiers if they make it out there.


Diffee outkicks Meister. Although Meister might have been focusing more on the team race.


It was a joke man :rolleyes:, honestly though Brady Selner of Ashwaubenon is always a clutch runner, I would not be surprised to see him in top 5.


I say top 10 for him, top 5 is a bit of a long shot for someone who hasn’t run lower than 15:50s. I don’t see him being able to beat Hirsch, Sandvold, Meister, Diffee, or Hansen, all those guys have ran 15:30s or better outside of Hansen but he always peaks at state. He has a better shot of battling it out with Lewin, Hrycay, Gagne, Woodford, Larson and Nottingham I think. Even though I think Woodford will get that last podium spot outside of the first 5 i mentioned.


Here we go again with comparing cross country times…this isn’t track. Courses differ, especially when we’re talking about the Midwest invite.


If I could change my vote I would switch it to Diffee. Beating Meister twice is no fluke.


How about I explain it this way, Hirsch beat Woodford when they raced at Angel on the Parkside course where Hirsch, Sandvold, and Meister have ran 15:30s, and Diffee has now beat Meister twice, therefore when you think about it he should beat Woodford as well. Also, ik you can’t really compare track to xc but Sandvold, Meister and Hansen all beat him in track as well.


I see Selner top 10 at the best. He’ll probably be right outside somewhere in the teens. I just don’t know if he has what it takes to handle Ridges hills. His best time came at a fast course and I just don’t see it happening.


The thing about Selner is for the majority of his races this year he hasn’t had to give an all out effort to win. I’m not saying he will win, but his current pr for the season is deceptive.


10-15 under 15:55 at the ridges?.. this isn’t midwest invite