D1 1600 - Qualifiers


No idea how they will split the heats:

Mark     Name                   Cl School                  Sectional               Pl
4:14.13  Carl Hirsch            SR Brookfield C            D1 Waukesha North        1
4:14.16  Taylor Floyd-Mews      JR Wauwatosa We            D1 Waukesha North        2
4:14.37  Brad Woodford          SR Waukesha Sou            D1 Waukesha North        3
4:15.16  Dan Gagne              SR Wauwatosa Ea            D1 Waukesha North        4
4:17.06  Patrick Campbell       SR Wauwatosa We            D1 Waukesha North        5
4:19.69  Alec Miller            11 West Bend We            D1 Oshkosh               1
4:21.20  Trent Powell           JR River Falls             D1 Rice Lake             1
4:21.32  Mitch Lenneman         SR River Falls             D1 Rice Lake             2
4:21.87  Chandler Diffee        SR Madison La F            D1 Madison Memorial      1
4:21.88  Hrycay, Spencer        SR Janesville C            D1 Waterford             1
4:21.93  Wilson Hacker          SR Madison West            D1 Madison Memorial      2
4:22.39  Joshua Short           JR Cedarburg               D1 Sussex                1
4:22.42  Terry McMillan         SO Monona Grove            D1 Madison Memorial      3
4:22.95  Ben Bierman            SO Arrowhead               D1 Sussex                2
4:23.24  Joe Zack               SR Oconomowoc              D1 Sussex                3
4:24.18  McKenna Ramos          12 Sheboygan South         D1 Oshkosh               2
4:24.89  Frederickson, James    JR Racine Case             D1 Wisconsin Lutheran    1
4:25.70  Kaestner, Ryan         SO Racine Horlick          D1 Wisconsin Lutheran    2
4:26.44  Armando Torres         SR Green Bay Ea            D1 Ashwaubenon           1
4:26.84  Quintero, Junior       SO Milw Pul/Art/Car        D1 Wisconsin Lutheran    3
4:26.89  Lalor, Evan            JR Janesville C            D1 Waterford             2
4:27.07  Max Edwards            SR Appleton Nor            D1 Ashwaubenon           2
4:27.93  Nick Dreger            JR Eau Claire N            D1 Rice Lake             3
4:28.77  Jack Skelton-Miller    12 Port Washing            D1 Oshkosh               3
4:29.06  Jordan Knapp           SR Appleton Nor            D1 Ashwaubenon           3
4:31.17  Martinez, Alex         SO Badger                  D1 Waterford             3

5:01.92 Elizabeth Flatley      JR Brookfield C            D1 Waukesha North        1
5:04.93 Nielsen, Stephanie     SR Racine Case             D1 Wisconsin Lutheran    1
5:06.53 Anich, Ally            SR Racine Horlick          D1 Wisconsin Lutheran    2
5:08.12 Gina Sereno            SR Madison West            D1 Madison Memorial      1
5:08.13 Katie Hietpas          FR Sun Prairie             D1 Madison Memorial      2
5:09.19 Mckaela Christenson    SR Baraboo                 D1 Madison Memorial      3
5:10.59 Jessica Parker         11 Neenah                  D1 Oshkosh               1
5:12.26 Payton Wesley          FR Arrowhead               D1 Sussex                1
5:12.43 Emily McCoy            SO Green Bay Ea            D1 Ashwaubenon           1
5:12.70 Natalie Schudrowitz    SO Wauwatosa Ea            D1 Waukesha North        2
5:12.94 Jackie Dubnicka        JR Arrowhead               D1 Sussex                2
5:14.32 Jessie Laabs           11 Neenah                  D1 Oshkosh               2
5:14.51 Kennidi Knoblock       SO Wausau East             D1 Rice Lake             1
5:15.01 Lea Patek              JR Arrowhead               D1 Sussex                3
5:15.16 Mariah Frank           SR Appleton Wes            D1 Ashwaubenon           2
5:16.14 Sarah Richardson       JR Kimberly                D1 Ashwaubenon           3
5:17.02 Schmid, Maria          JR Pius XI                 D1 Wisconsin Lutheran    3
5:17.24 Anne Frisbie           SO River Falls             D1 Rice Lake             2
5:18.82 Bianca Benkley         12 Port Washing            D1 Oshkosh               3
5:19.84 Sadie Kroll            JR Hudson                  D1 Rice Lake             3
5:23.19 Paulina Agnello        JR Brookfield C            D1 Waukesha North        3
5:23.96 Staffen, Nikki         SO Stoughton               D1 Waterford             1
5:24.24 Slaback, Miranda       SR Janesville P            D1 Waterford             2
5:24.78 Macareno, Danielle     SR Kenosha Brad            D1 Waterford             3


No disrespect to any of the other 2nd heat qualifiers, but its a shame that Ramos and Torres wouldn’t be in the “fast” heat. Though I am sure they will push eachother to great times.

A lot of years a time of 4:15 would win it or for sure give a top 2 or 3 finish. This year it is definitely possible that a 4:15/4:16 might not even place 8th.


That second heat has four individuals who have broken 4:20 before (McMillian, Bierman, Zack, Ramos) plus Max Edwards, Jordan Knapp (needs a 4:15 to walk on at U of Washington) and Armando Torres. That’ll probably be the fastest “slow” heat ever with definite potential to be fast. Will it be fast enough to get on the podium? Doubtful but crazier things have happened from slow heats :wink:


Bierman in the slow heat as well. 4:15 two years ago. If Hirsch wasn’t in the fast heat, there’d be the potential for someone to sneak out the title from the 2nd heat.


I was almost hoping he dogged it at sectionals. How crazy would it be if by chance the heats were actually switched? Like all the podium finishers ended up coming out of the second heat or something!


They ended up going with 13/13, so Bierman has the fastest seed time in the first section.


I am predicting that the WIAA 1600 Finals will be faster than the IHSA 1600 again:


 1  Jamison Dale (Sr.), Chicago (Jones)                        4:11.99Q   
 2  Patrick Perrier (Jr.), O'Fallon (H.S.)                     4:12.66q   
 3  Micah Beller (Sr.), Skokie (Niles North)                   4:13.93q   
 4  Billy Bund (Sr.), Lake Forest (H.S.)                       4:14.60q   
 5  Caleb Beck (Sr.), Oswego (H.S.)                            4:15.07q   
 6  Christian Zambrano (Sr.), Palatine (H.S.)                  4:20.70    
 7  Paul Steeno (Sr.), Wheaton (North)                         4:23.23    
 8  Angel Estrada (Jr.), Highland Park                         4:24.86    
 9  Jake Fitzgerald (Sr.), Plainfield (South)                  4:26.84    
10  Mateo Hernandez (Jr.), Berwyn-Cicero (Morton)              4:28.22    
11  Chris Orlow (Jr.), Batavia                                 4:28.57    
Heat No. 2

 1  Alex Riba (Sr.), O'Fallon (H.S.)                           4:15.59Q   
 2  Ethan Brodeur (Sr.), Naperville (Central)                  4:16.92q   
 3  Alex Baker (Sr.), Crystal Lake (Central)                   4:17.23q   
 4  Garrett Lee (Sr.), Belvidere (North)                       4:17.43q   
 5  Nate Mroz (Jr.), Elmhurst (York)                           4:19.78    
 6  Charles Thornton (Jr.), Oswego (East)                      4:23.12    
 7  Graham Brown (So.), Palatine (H.S.)                        4:23.45    
 8  Dru Rozewicki (Sr.), New Lenox (Lincoln-Way Central)       4:25.29    
 9  Connor Horn (Fr.), Naperville (Neuqua Valley)              4:27.78    
10  Mike Bianchina (Sr.), Geneva                               4:30.73    
11  Harry Winter (Jr.), Palatine (Fremd)                       4:38.74    
Heat No. 3

 1  Jack Keelan (Sr.), Chicago (St. Ignatius College Prep)     4:15.34Q   
 2  Nolan McKenna (Jr.), Wheaton (W. Warrenville South)        4:17.93q   
 3  Zach Smith (Jr.), Downers Grove (North)                    4:18.02q   
 4  Martin Martinez (Sr.), Gurnee (Warren)                     4:18.15    
 5  Peter Cotsirilos (Jr.), Winnetka (New Trier)               4:18.86    
 6  Marcelo Burbano (Sr.), Chicago (Lane)                      4:19.34    
 7  Quentin Shaffer (Sr.), Mt. Prospect (Prospect)             4:21.10    
 8  Omero Montalvo (Sr.), Berwyn-Cicero (Morton)               4:23.26    
 9  Chris May (Sr.), Elmhurst (York)                           4:23.42    
10  Joe Sulentic (Sr.), Hoffman Estates (Conant)               4:27.89    
11  Jared Borowsky (Fr.), Lincolnshire (Stevenson)             4:29.35    
12  Kyle Maloney (So.), Chicago (Jones)                        4:30.44    
13  Tommy Kolacki (So.), New Lenox (Lincoln-Way Central)       4:43.37  


 1  Jack Keelan (Sr.), Chicago (St. Ignatius College Prep)     4:12.11   10         
 2  Garrett Lee (Sr.), Belvidere (North)                       4:13.51    8         
 3  Zach Smith (Jr.), Downers Grove (North)                    4:14.49    7         
 4  Alex Baker (Sr.), Crystal Lake (Central)                   4:14.66    6         
 5  Billy Bund (Sr.), Lake Forest (H.S.)                       4:14.84    5         
 6  Patrick Perrier (Jr.), O'Fallon (H.S.)                     4:15.47    4         
 7  Jamison Dale (Sr.), Chicago (Jones)                        4:15.81    3         
 8  Micah Beller (Sr.), Skokie (Niles North)                   4:16.90    2         
 9  Caleb Beck (Sr.), Oswego (H.S.)                            4:17.73    1         
10  Ethan Brodeur (Sr.), Naperville (Central)                  4:20.47              
11  Alex Riba (Sr.), O'Fallon (H.S.)                           4:27.15              
12  Nolan McKenna (Jr.), Wheaton (W. Warrenville South)        4:31.32 


I’m not sure of the exact order of events at the Illinois State Meet, but they did have to run trials and finals, along with a number of the top milers broke 9:00 in the 3200. I didn’t comb through the 3200 relay results but did any of these milers run that as well. It looks like the set-up for the Illinois State Meet is a bit more brutal than ours with more trials and finals.


If I just figured the schedule for the Illinois State Meet, they run 1600 trials on Friday, the 3200 on early Saturday and the 1600 finals later in the afternoon. That’s a tough schedule. Jack Keelan had to run 415/858/412 in 24 hours.


Yes you did figure the schedule out correctly and it is definitely much tougher to double the 1600 and 3200 in Illinois than in Wisconsin. What makes it even tougher is that the 1600 prelims are based strictly on time to qualify for the finals and with three heats, you have to run almost all out on Friday just to make the finals. Then to run a hard 3200 BEFORE the 1600 finals makes it extremely tough to run a pr in the 1600 on Saturday. Or if you want to double the 1600 and 800, you have to run prelims in both on Friday and then come back and do it again on Saturday.


What Happened to Kromer this year?


He hung it up after the Big Rivers Conference meet. While I have yet to converse with him on this topic I am willing to be that between he and his coach they decided it’d be best to fully recover from his foot injury than risk anything over the long term. He pretty much has nothing to prove at the high school level after the fall. He also obtained both his HS records in the 1600/3200 and returned them to the family after placing 2nd in the 3200 and 6th in the 1600 last spring. Not sure if Hudson recognized his 9:14y from the Brooks PR Invitational.