D&R Towpath


Can anyone provide information on the condition of the D&R towpath south of Province Line Rd through Trenton and up to Washington Crossing? Is the trail runnable through that area, or is it overgrown?



I know that the Pirates of Wayton U. run the towpath from Alexander Rd. in P’ton through to Trenton on a regular basis. Does not seem to be an issue. Beyond Trenton, I’m not sure although the towpath area by WC Park seems to get a lot of foot traffic.
Hope that helps


I ran on it from Princeton to Trenton-ish and back only a couple months ago, and it’s in excellent shape. The narrowest part is actually right around the Province Line Rd./Quaker Rd. area.


Thank you both. I ran on the lower section of the towpath last Saturday. The entire path is runnable below Quaker Bridge and over the Rt 1 pedestrian bridge. The towpath gets less scenic after you cross back under Rt 1, since you are parallel the highway, but the trail is still in great shape. Below Mulberry St, it crosses under Rt 1 again and continues on an (unfortunately) paved bike path. One last bridge crossing over Rt 1 brings you to the end of the main canal section in Trenton.

It’s pretty easy to follow the markings on the streets to get through Trenton to where the unpaved path resumes on the Feeder Canal on Calhoun St. I was able to follow that up to around the Trenton Country Club before I turned around. That section was all in good shape.

I’ve finally covered the full main towpath, and now the quest is on to cover the Feeder Canal up to Frenchtown. From what I understand, that whole stretch is pretty clear.