CVS Downtown 5k Results


USA 5 km Championships
hosted by CVS/pharmacy Downtown 5k
Providence, Rhode Island
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  1. Molly Huddle 15:29.6
  2. Emily Infeld 15:30.8
  3. Alexi Pappas 15:34.7
  4. Laura Thweatt 15:51.7
  5. Neely Spence Gracey 16:01.5
  6. Kellyn Johnson 16:01.5
  7. Meghan Peyton 16:04.3
  8. Deborah Maier 16:07.7
  9. Katie Matthews 16:09.2
  10. Amy Van Alstine 16:16.0


  1. Andrew Bumblough 13:45.9
  2. Aaron Braun 13:49.4
  3. Matt Tegenkamp 13:49.9
  4. Timothy Ritchie 14:04.0
  5. Joseph Stilin 14:05.5
  6. Chris Solinsky 14:15.5
  7. John Gilbertson 14:18.0
  8. Pat Fullerton 14:21.5
  9. Joe Moore 14:29.0
  10. Jared Bassett 14:36.3

Shoutout to user Stilo for his 5th place finish.

USATF summary: USA Track & Field - Huddle, Bumbalough Claim Victory at USA 5 km Championship








I sure hope Solinsky is already back in his buildup for next year, because if actually trained for this race he has a loooong ways to go.

EDIT: Never mind, just watched his video and he just started back after a break following Nats. Also explains his performance at Wharf to Wharf. Nothing to be concerned about.


Pat Fullerton killing it. Kid has been a beast lately. Ran a 3:58 mile a few weeks ago.


anybody else notice teg get some payback on feisa after they get over the river? kinda ridiculous, but interesting to see a little action on the roads.

fun race to watch, excellent coverage.


Bush league. Feisa’s contact was clearly incidental. You know, I’ve never been a huge Teg fan for a number of reasons and now I can add this one to the list. Guy’s had a great career but I’ve just never warmed up to him and I’m pretty sure I never will.