Customize/Dye Your Spikes



This is my favorite one yet!



Upper : Streak LT2
Sole : Vaporfly 4% FK ” Paint peeling ”
Rubber : Streak LT3
Plate : Matumbo 3 ” Dyeing ” by Dylon Multi


This is one of the best customs I’ve seen. I love the “Rolows” tag on the front of the laces too.


If I want to make streakVictories, what’s the appropriate size ratio? I have Vic 3s in 10.5 and LT3s in 11s.


Not my work, but these are some custom painted peg turbos for the University of Minnesota Football coach. Credit to Andrew Lewis on Instagram


If you mean streak with a vic plate ? Then half size smaller spike then flat.


They are
Vic3 US8 LT3 US8.5 …



upper: Matumbo3
sole: Streak LT 2
plate: Matumbo 3


Streak LT 3 X M.Lab Plate


I really like that permanent spike plate. Is that from a Mizuno custom?


Mimu-LAB’s custom spikes’ Plate

”Hitoshi Mimura” LAB






Matumbo 3 x VF4%FK


Rolows: Curious what size VF4% and Matumbo 3s you used. The toe box looks pretty small/short compared to the original upper.



MIZUNO Wave Cruise x VF4%