Customize/Dye Your Spikes


He doesn’t charge too much. Someone in a FB group I’m in has those streak / vaporfly combos. I think it may have been like $50 or $75ish + both pairs of shoes. I guess you could maybe ask to have the waste upper and soles put together so you have another pair of shoes.



Could be cleaner but I had a few unfinished projects laying around


Anyone ever bleach their spikes?


One time I heard this is a bad idea and diminishes the integrity of materials. I imagine it would be bad on the glue as well. If you try it shlemme kno how it goes.


A cool concept. Bring your clean white Vic Elites with you:




Absolute mad lad right there.


made by myself

Thank you very much for giving me many advice.

Streak LT3 X Matumbo2 Plate

Speed Racer6 X Matumbo2 Plate

Victory2 X Matumbo3 Plate


The sole has not been decided yet…


Streak LT3 X Matumbo 3 Plate


Good looking stuff



When making streaktumbos, do people use the same sized spike and streak?


I think the Matumbo plate normally needs to be a full size to size and a half larger than the Streak.

So for a size 10 Streak, an 11 or 11.5 Matumbo Plate.

I don’t know if the ratio has changed for the Matumbo 3 or not, the 1.5 size gap was based on the original Matumbo plate and Streak LT 2, so it’s very possibly changed. I’d consult with someone who’s tried a recent transplant.


Streak LT3 X Victory 3 Plate


When you made this were the sizes different between the victory 3’s and the streaks? or were they the same size?


same size

Probably plates are only 3 to 4 size …



Speed Racer 6 X Streak 6 X Matumbo 2
Hybrid Spikes