Customize/Dye Your Spikes


Has anybody tried cutting out each individual spike well of a spike and just glued those instead of the whole plate? seems easy then trying to fit the whole plate and you can customize the spike placement. sitting on an old pair of streaks so might try it…


The plate adds some integrity to the spike wells. I can pretty much promise you they’ll be ripped off the shoe the second you try running in them


Take Faz at his word…this is a man that once cut up his white OG Vics to prove that there was a carbon plate in them!!!


That was me :confused:


Your sacrifice doesn’t go unappreciated


The plate would also distribute the pressure of the spikes as they press back against your foot. Just using the wells, I would predict a lot of discomfort in your foot when you put your weight on the flats


My mistake. Still a bold move, no matter the name of the shoe surgeon.


Let it be known that I did my best to prevent this brave tragedy… I hate to say it but “I told you so” :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha you did you did. For the record i was never a nay-sayer, just an inquisitive onlooker who got his feet wet


Has anyone ever tried to put a different logo/brand on a pair of spikes? Example:

I want to take my avanti boost and paint over stripes to “debrand them” and then add a jordan logo/ jumpman. Wondering what ways I could go about this and makesure it is structurally sound enough for me to steeple in come spring.


David McNeill had some success with it.


Hoping to do this to my matumbo 3s in the same black/white colorway, any tips or advice as to how to do this in a manner that will last awhile?


Has anyone ever tried hydro-dipping shoes or spikes with a graphic…? I don’t know how well it would work but it certainly would be cool if it did!


What upper is that?


What’s the best way to remove the insole from a pair of LT 3’s?


pull hard


Anyone have a method of removing the swoosh from Matumbo 2s? Is it as simple as acetone even with the plastic overlays that hold the flywire in place?


The upper will fall apart if you try to put acetone on it, 10/10 would not advise. You should probably just rock the swoosh loud and proud.


@Sit_And_Kick helped me with these. I’m a big Nike guy just mad the Swoosh was black… it didn’t match the kit I was rocking lol


Uhhh when a sneaker head meets running shoes. This guy’s done some pretty clean sole swaps. Can’t imagine who would drop that much money for a custom. Flyknit Racers at their lowest online go for around $55, Vaporfly 4% are $250, and not to mention this guy needs to charge labor to sustain this business.