Customize/Dye Your Spikes


This is a before picture… I just finished gluing it in. They feel the right amount of aggressiveness now I’m glad I did it.


Nice home-made Vic Elite 2s!


Where did you glue it?


Right under the insole near the arch of my foot. It’s pretty thin so you can hardly tell it’s there when you put them on


Interesting to see how the shank is slightly angled in the Mamba


It’s because spikes are always made on a curved last, that’s why when they put it in the spike it doesn’t line up straight down the middle, I’m sure it’s the same in the victory elite 2 and promo models too


Yeah I figured, but it’s cool to actually be able to see


My streak 6 upper ripped on me so I improvised. My version of the streak 6 flyknit


Well done!


Has anyone tried/ thought about debranding matumbo 3’s? My school just switched sponsors to adidas but I’d still like to wear matumbo 3’s for cross. The swoosh seems glued down pretty good. Any insight would be appreciated.


Update: a little bit of acetone and q-tips did the trick!


Funny thing is, that’s probably the most blatantly obvious color for a nike spike


True true, to make it even more ironic I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a black sharpie and putting three black stripes on the side where the swoosh once was :joy:.


I wish I could find bigger pictures, but I think these make the point fairly well. I think you would have been better off with the blue/black 'tumbos if you truly wanted to disguise them as adidas.


those are my favorite. i couldn’t find the screenshot i had.


That looks nice and professional. Here’s my adidas flats I wore for the 10K at conference this year…


lmao! Try acetone and qtips like Runner1449 did to remove the swoosh, then sharpie it on


there’s also the possibility that he doesn’t want to do all that work because he only has to run in adidas “officially” for a 10k and it doesn’t matter that his shoes are nike the rest of the time…


with making some streak lt3/ 'turbo, whats the best way of just getting the U shaped plate off off the matumbo 2s? then do you have to split the plate for them to fit on the shoe?


Step 1: Understand that you are destroying your pair of tumbos.

Step 2: Knowing this, pull out an X-Acto knife and cut the plate off the Matumbo. I always “trace” around the spike plate with the knife first. Now begin chiseling away with your knife. This will take a while and it won’t be pretty. I always focus on one side of the spike first and work my way around the horseshoe plate.

Step 3: Once both plates are removed, focus on peeling off all the excess rubber and glue so that you are left with just the two plastic horseshoe plates. (This is actually easier than it sounds)

Step 4: Arrange the plate on your lt3 and determine how it will best fit.

Step 5: The horseshoe plate will be too narrow for the shoe, so you’ll have to split the plate towards the top.

Step 6: Remove some rubber on your lt3’s so that the plate will actually fit on the shoe (by far the worst step)

Step 7: Glue the plates on the shoe and let them sit for 12-24 hours. (Honestly the type of glue doesn’t really matter. I use normal super glue and it always does the job)