Customize/Dye Your Spikes


got this pair for very cheap. took about 30mins to remove with a xacto knife. used a blow drier for the toebox area to get things started. might try dipping the other pair in boiling water to see if the outsole will come off easier.

still deciding on how to shape the plate to put on the brooks t7 racer…


try acetone, boiling water usually does more damage than you’re going to want


i thought it came out pretty good for my first customization


Couldn’t get the front of the upper on the plate the way I planned but I’m happy on how it turned out!


Well done! What size shoe did you use for each part?


Size 11.5 for the flyknits and size 10 victory elites. I wish I would’ve had 10.5 in the spikes though because I had to cut off some of the flyknit in the front to make it fit


I have yet to make the right shoe. I’m thinking of using another color of the racer that I have laying around (Green). I can post pics of what I did step by step if anyone wants


Dope TC Running socks my man. #MNLove


Got bored and made a pair of flats with elite 8s and the bottoms of streak LT2s. I also took the zoom air unit from the elites and put it into the base of the flat. So now it has front and back zoom air.


Does anyone know if the flyknit upper on these is the same as the flyknit racer?'s%20Flyknit%20Zoom%20Agility%20Training%20Shoes,%20Black&gclid=CK3bs9igp9ICFVu4wAodhQIDuQ&gclsrc=aw.ds


My wife has them. It is not the same


I don’t have the skill (or money) to do this, but it would be awesome to put a victory plate on an Avanti prime boost midsole. It would probably work best with a victory 2 or elite because the new anatomical design of the Vic 3 would mean that the plate wouldn’t fit properly, but with the 2s or elites (elites would be nicer) the plate would likely fit quite well, and the circle of rubber in the heel would glue nicely to the heel of the Avanti.


Hopefully these hold up well for the steeple, I decided to cut out the swooshes to help with drainage. I’m not too worried if the spikes rip because I picked them up for cheap.


I always wondered what would happen if someone drilled holes in the spike plate. Just small enough to let water drain.


Old adidas Avantis and the first generation Ambition (not sure of the newest ones) have holes in the plate. I always felt like they helped with drainage. You can feel the water seep out


This is a very very very bad idea and i would not even suggest trying them in a race. the lock down will be virtually non existent and they’re going to fall apart before you’re done with 3k. plus since when does water sit on the side of your foot during the steeple, and since when does that mesh not drain well enough?


it is infact the same upper with a few slight modifications to fit the sole and the intended purpose. If anyone wants to go toe to toe with me on this one, I’m willing to take on that challenge. I’ve taken both of these shoes apart, so I feel like thats good enough research


So do you think I could make a flyknit Vic with it?


Answer is yes, but nolan will advise heavily against it


Nolan has spoken, game over lol