Customize/Dye Your Spikes


I would imagine that it would be much easier to just contact the manufacturer for an exchange. Are they a new pair?


They’re a Nike sample, I wish it were that easy


They’re worth nothing… Might as well give them to me.


One man’s trash :wink:


maybe if you sent them to me, i could take a look at them and try to fix them for you. if not I’ll do you the favor of just holding onto them.


Redirected to here from the promo/rare spikes thread. I recently got a pair of USA victory’s for my birthday and after doing a workout and race in them I felt the sole start falling out in the toe box. Is there any type of glue I could buy to keep it in place?


Shoe goo does the trick for almost anything. Should be relatively cheap online or from a hardware store possibly.


Agreed, I was able to find it at michaels for probably around 7-8 dollars. And its really flexible when dried so it bends with the shoe and has worked really well for my in the past.


Any suggestions how to get lace holes completely black I have just been using sharpie, would it just be good dyeing them black?


I usually recommend not using sharpie because you always end up with a shoe that looks like you colored it with a sharpie. I’ve tried and been unsuccessful thus far in legitimate changing the color on any spikes, but I am working on some customs right now and testing out some new things out so I’ll report back some time in January. now that finals are over I’ll have more time to pretend to be bill bowman and I’ll spend less time pretending to study. speaking of which, I can’t believe I haven’t posted this yet.
I’ve since cleaned these up and finished the other shoe. I’ll take better pictures eventually and post them up here. These have held up pretty well so far, we’ll see how they do on indoor turns soon enough. I’m in the process of making some other stuff and will be posting periodically I’m sure


Also, if its the insole coming out, then just find a glue that dries thin. if its the outsole (i.e. the foam) get a new pair. If the soles falling off thats the shoes trying to tell you something


I’m thoroughly impressed: flyknit vic2? GT


I just purchased a pair of Flyknit racers with the intent of trying something similar. Any advice before I start on what will hopefully not be a very expensive failure?


advice; don’t do it. I didnt pay much for the knits or for the spikes (outlet stores+employee discount), and I’ve done this a bunch of times with old flyknits and other shoes so I have some practice and even still these are far from perfect. the real issue is that the uppers and soles probably won’t line up well and glueing the two together isn’t going to work out like you expect it to. if you have multiple pairs to sacrifice for practice, go for it. If not, don’t destroy a $150 pair of kicks and a $120 pair of spikes.


Sorry for the block of text ahead, but it might be worth a read…

I had a really good idea today. Everyone really wants to try making their own pair of “flyknit vics”, but everyone is too scared to spend $350. The main problem is that Flyknit Racers cost $150 at least…but some of you may not know that websites like Aliexpress sell knockoffs that are literally IDENTICAL to the real thing. I have a pair and honestly I have compared them to the “legit” thing, and it is very very hard to tell a difference. So this got me thinking.

I would never run in a fake pair of shoes because who knows what the sole of the shoe is actually made out of…but we don’t need the sole of the shoe for our Flyknit Vics…We only need the Flyknit Upper! If you really want to try making your own pair of “Flyknit Vics” maybe you should go buy a knockoff pair on aliexpress for $35! This would not only decrease the cost of the whole project, but it would also help us all begin “perfecting” the way we make these spikes!

Just an idea :slight_smile: I hope someone found it interesting!


lol. if you think the materials or build quality of a knock off shoe are anything like the authentic ones you are sadly mistaken. I suggest no one do this and that no one supports counterfeit nike product. hows that sound?


I’ve decided I’m gonna take a shot at making some flyknit Vic’s. If I have a pair of Flyknit Racers in size 9.5, what size Vic’s should I look for? The obvious answer is size 9.5, but I just want to make sure before I make a purchase. Thanks!


I used a womens 10 shoe for a size 9 spike and they fit pretty well.


you want a bigger upper than plate. half size or so. but the two will not line up, and you’ll be out of a lot of money. don’t do it, because it doesnt work out well. hope this helps!



Just finished my first ever pair of “StreakTumbos”! I’ll post pictures below. They actually turned out really well, and if anyone has questions, I would be happy to answer them! I tried something new by actually splitting the Matumbo plate in half. This allowed me to better align the plate. I have a track workout tomorrow so I’ll let you guys know how they feel tomorrow night. If you choose to make yourself a pair, don’t slice your finger in half like I did :slight_smile: . Also, thanks to FazBot for the plate!!!