Customize/Dye Your Spikes


I used Thin CA glue, get it from any hobby store. Its meant for models and so far my plates still firm on there


I was bored tonight so I ended up finally customizing some Brooks Wire 2’s that I got a while ago for ridiculously cheap. Painted them all black, added a strap and put a swoosh on it. pretty simple, but I thought they turned out pretty good.
Check em out


also was thinking of speckling the swoosh with black speckles and the rest of the shoe with white speckles, but decided against it for now.


I liked the design more than I like the swoosh so I finally took the swooshes off


Love the Ashton Eaton 2013 Superfly R2

Used old pair of R2 and customized them



Love the Ashton Eaton 2013 Superfly R2

Used old pair of R2 and customized them



MidDec that is DOPE.

Very well done!!


Can anyone tell me how to take the plastic spike plate off of a pair of matumbos? GT


I used Goof Off pro strength in a ventilated area.
I got both plates off in under 15 min.


Really appreciate the advice, Pelayo. I’m not sure they have that in Norway, but I think we’ll have something similar. GT


Alright fellas. I’ve decided that I’m going to try to make an attempt at flyknit victory. I’ve been doing a lot research on how to do this sort of thing, and I think I now have a pretty good idea of how I’m going to do it.

So, Im going to be doing this on a pair of vic 2s that I got dirt cheap(I only have one pair of og vics and I’m not willing to sacrifice those. yet.) Im planning to create it with the free 3.0 flyknit(I like the way the flyknit is constructed on these compared to the racer). So here where I need input from you guys. Would a womens size 10 work best? My thinking is that a womens shoes are slightly narrower and would fit the spike plate better. So let me know what you guys think.
Also if this works, I’ll probably try it with some OGs and maybe a racer upper.
And if anyone wants, I might put together a video of how I did everything.


Great idea. I’m looking forward to seeing how this transpires for you. GT


I know it is all over this thread but would it be possible for someone to give me input on the best step by step process in making streaktumbo’s?


I made a pair last year and they turned out alright, so I’ll do my best. First tip you’ll usually get is to buy matumbos a full size bigger than the streaks you want to wear which turned out to be true for me. If not, it should still work out fine, just know that the plate won’t make it fully to the edge of the shoe. You’re going to want to use an exacto knife to take the plate off the spikes, I would start at the back and work towards the toe, bringing the knife in from the side of the shoe. I’ve heard that you can melt the glue with a hairdryer to make this quicker but I was fine without that personally. Once you’ve got the plate removed, I would trace it onto the sole of the streak so you know how much material to cut away. It works best if you cut all of the outsole rubber off in the areas where the plate will be, similar to how you took the plate off, but it’ll work if you just grind the rubber “waffle” parts down so the rubber is flat as well. Lastly, you’re going to want to apply some glue (Shoe Goo - Running warehouse) to the streaks where you cut the rubber away and press the plates into the glue. They’re going to have to dry for a while, so I used some fishing line to keep the plates firmly on the shoes (just wrap it around a bunch tightly). Give it 12 - 24 hours and they should be good to go. I personally cut the matumbo plate because the longer side kept coming unglued, but if you can get them deep enough into the streak midsole that shouldn’t be an issue. Good Luck, post pictures with your results.


I was messing around and managed to make something kinda cool. I’ll post a picture when I manage to find my phone…


So this happened. They’re far from perfect, but still pretty stoked with how they turned out…


Freakin awesome, Are you gonna be able to get them on a track soon?


Unfortunately not, I’m dealing with an achilles strain so I probably wont be able to test them for a bit…(and I still have the make the other shoe!)
But yea, hopefully I’ll be able to test them out before thanksgiving.


Well done, Lightning! That’s very impressive. GT


Hey guys, not totally sure that this is the right place to ask this, but here goes. I’ve got a pair of spikes that have a bit of a defect in the actual threading portion where the spikes go in, so the holes are not deep enough to fit the spikes in and there are barely enough threads to keep them in anyway. Anyone have any ideas on making these deeper without damaging the spikes?