Customize/Dye Your Spikes


Cant wait to see the outcome.
I saw a set of flyknit vics in the flesh yesterday worn by blankenship at the birmingham gp they look epic !


Really looking forward to how these turn out. Kind of funny to see that picture when you consider how hard people search for OG vics


I’m crying.


Anyone have any thoughts on putting a Flyknit upper on a superfly plate?? Could it be done?


The lockdown would be terrible. The Flyknit upper might not be enough lockdown on a pair of Victory’s (hence why no pros seem to wear them), let alone Superfly’s.


That’s what I was thinking, I feel an upper such as one on the Nike Free Flyknit would possibly provide enough lockdown.


I’ve thought of doing the same thing. I believe we have seen a Free Flyknit upper on the Superfly plate before worn by a Pro Athlete.


Alyson Felix used them awhile ago.


Ah yes, that’s right. I just didn’t want to say her name and look like a fool if she didn’t


Hello from Europe,

Has anybody painted the plate of victorys from 2013/14 like these

wich type of color is permant at the plate?


wow, you went with a brand new pair of vics? and you cut the upper off? I really hope you know what you’re doing otherwise you’re gunna have a lot of useless fabric and rubber and 260$ down the drain


Got the Vic’s for $30 and I decided to go with with chlorine blue flyknits which were $150. Not too bad. I have a pretty good idea as to what I’m doing.


Looking forward to seeing how it all goes. All the best.


God speed


Still $180 is a rather expensive project.
Although I suppose you cant really put a price on being one of the first who have built flyknit vics, (Outside of Nike)

Best of luck :slight_smile:


My family won a Dremel 3D printer (Maximum Build Volume: 9” x 5.9” x 5.5” / 230 mm x 150 mm x 140 mm) in a science fair raffle. I’m home from college and still have a month and a half before my job starts. How possible do you think it is for me to 3D print a spike plate and design my own pair of spikes?

I’m thinking take very careful measurements of a variety of spike plate (I’ve got about 30 pairs for spikes to test from :stuck_out_tongue: ), take measurements of my feet, design a template plate to fit a plate-less pair of spikes, print and test to see how it fits, possibly correct any errors, print a midfoot shank (or maybe not if I decide to make more of a LD spike (depends on how long it would last for, if I even decided to use them), and then probably rip the plate off of a pair of my spikes and paste the new one on (this could get more and more creative depending on how franken-spikish I want to get).

Post your thought on whether this idea is reasonable, insane, or both!




How good are you with SolidWorks or CAD?
I’m not 100% sure on the specifics, but I’m pretty sure you are going to need to model it in some kind of 3D design software.


I’ve got the programs, and have a decent amount of time to get familiar with them. Yeah I’ll need to model a design and that’s going to be the hardest part because it needs to be made on a flat surface.


Any advice on what type of glue I should use when making streaktumbos?