Customize/Dye Your Spikes


Hehe. Poop.

To phrase this another way, you’ll tend to notice that a board’s topic does not mean “this board is reserved entirely for this one particular topic and all other posts deserve a real nice finger wagging.” (obviously there are exceptions such as the master buy/sell thread), but seriously, friends trash talking each other jokingly isn’t clogging up this thread, so just don’t worry about it.


Good to see you guys still posting. I think I’ll work on doing something interesting with my leftover spikes.

Also Terry and Jasari can eat poop.



Mamba streak? That could be interesting.


I actually have a pair of Nike Zoom Speed R’s that unfortunately had the upper come off from the soles. I wanted to fix em because I absolutely love my zoom speeds but I may just take off the plate of my Zoom Distances or something of the sort.


Here’s the work i did on a new balance rc5000 upper and an og victory plate.


That. Is. Awesome. :eek:


Not a fan of newbalance. But Trackev that is an awesome job you’ve done there :open_mouth:


I think I’m in love. Details on how you did it?


Thanks guys ! Here’s a brief sum up of what i did.

First i took the og victory midsoles off, spray painted them and then put some varnish.

I then took the nb rc5000 upper off, that was the hardest part. I had to be very careful not to cut with the exacto knife.

I pulled the cushion out of the upper and then cleaned the few foam left.

At that stage i just had to glue them together.

Here is the final result, that took me numerous hours…


blasphemy. are they runable? and how did you get the foam off of the upper without damaging it?


I would be very interested in the answers to both of those questions.


Thats just sick bro! The NB rc5000 flats are sick on their but a vic crossover is downright nasty.


They are, i just need to check the durability now.
That was the hardest part, i cut the foam in the middle of the shoe until i started seeing the upper with an exacto knife. i then pulled it with my hand, that was strong but i managed to get it off !


Has anyone attempted to remove the midsole of a flyknit racer? If so, how did you remove it? I’m thinking about using a heat gun to melt the glue and peel if off (I’m assuming the midsole isn’t stitched to the upper).

Planning on making a multi color flyknit racer spike with a nike victory midsole/spike plate.

edit: just checked and it think there is stitching between the upper and midsole :frowning:


also, destroying a multicolor flyknit racer is blasphemy.


While I’d be inclined to agree with you, if it were in the name of making flyknit victory’s, I think it would be pretty reasonable. Makes me want to try it myself.


Agreed…this is what I’m going for


Seeing that picture again makes me REALLY want to try this.

fake edit: I think I’m actually gonna go for it. It won’t be a cheap experiment, but if it works, I think it’ll be worth it. I’ll post updates here as I go. Sorry in advance Nolan for destroying both flyknit racers and vics :stuck_out_tongue:


Awesome! I think I’m going to as well…looking forward to seeing the updates


Phase 1 of my flyknit victories: