Customize/Dye Your Spikes


Show that stuff off here.


i feel like not enough people made the switch here from the spike area


yeah, i know quarter miler was haveing “a break” or something back in the dyestat days, dunno if he came over…


I thought he was quitting then he just came back to see the maxcat threes. I was looking at the old custom spike thread there was so much good stuff in there.


first related post i guess, can i do anything with old waffle racers that i dont use anymore?

any ideas would be nice.


i recall them being very easy to debrand, for a start.


You can try to make them open mesh. I know they have some kind of thread going horizontal. just try to take that out and you would have some sick waffles. but take a close look and see if your willing to do that. if you do post pictures!

I think i might add spots (like spotted vents style) to my debranded and destiched blue shay xc


is there a guide anywhere as to how to debrand spikes?


debranding is not that hard, all you will need is an exacto knife or something close too it.

  1. Find a part of the swoosh you can lift up a little bit to see the threads under. The back end point or the very tip of the swoosh is going to be your best bet.

2)Take your cutting object and slide it under the swoosh to cut through one thread that is holding the swoosh down. NOTE: DONT CUT THE STITCHING YOU SEE ON TOP OF THE SWOOSH. Doing this will get you no where.

  1. Now that you have cut that first thread the rest is easy. Pull the swoosh up as much as you can. (you may need to cut a few more threads to be able to lift it a little) You should see the threads that are loosened; you can cut these or pull them out. NOTE: pulling out the thread makes for easier clean up because you get the whole tread out of the shoe, but it does take a little longer.

4)As you pull out more thread peel the swoosh off more. Try to get all the swoosh going one direction like you are peeling it off. It is a lot harder to try to just trace the outside edges, if that makes sense?

After finishing taking both off one shoe you should feel like a pro and the other shoe should be easy.

Good luck

Debranding Spikes

sorry for the double post but does anyone have really clear pictures of the arch side and top of spotted vents?


what about spikes like milers/maxcats/powercats that have the swoosh glued on?


I don’t know about how, but i’d say don’t do it on the milers. the stripe that intersects the swoosh might be iffy.


The Maxcat/Powercat upper has the swoosh painted on, not glued on. Your best bet for that is to color it with a sharpie (paint pen? No personal experience with them) the same color as the rest of the upper.


Did you use to have a different name on dyestat?


yeah but i have had this name since late 08? on dyestat.


You might able to use nail polish remover too br.eak down the glue. Im not 100% sure that would work but you could try it

Yeah but i have had this name since late 08? on dyestat.


paint pens worked on my pair of powercats great and it wont come off depending on how rough you are on spikes. the acrylic paint didnt come off with creasing but some rubbed of when my trail leg snapped down on a hurdle other wise they work great


Looks great! But why did you paint pen it a stock color?


i could only post one pic but one whole shoe is gold and one whole shoe is black and the opposite color is the mid stripe for school colors but when i bought them i found a pair of white one white for $50 so add in a sharipe and a $4 AC Moore paint pen i saved some money


You did WHAT to a pair of all white powercats? I think I’m going to cry…