CU's New Indoor Track


Hey all,

I’ve heard through the grapevine (though can’t find anything definitive online) that CU is getting a new 300m indoor track as part of their Balch/Folsom renovations, and that this track is supposed to open sometime in 2016.

Can anyone confirm? A link to something on the web would be a bonus. If this really is happening, I can’t wait!!


That’s gonna force Wetmore to take indoor seriously if true.

Administration won’t like paying for a state of the art indoor facility if it won’t be put to good use. Or it will host massive high school invitationals every weekend from New Years to Spring Break.


I feel pretty confident saying there isn’t gonna be an indoor track. I don’t have any sources, but I walked past the construction site today and it is clear they are building an indoor football field (despite the fact we’ve been God awful for the better part of 2 decades) and two additional outdoor practice football fields. Doesn’t take a math wiz to figure out you can’t build a 300m track around an indoor regulation football field. If you look at the official CU release detailing the construction no track is mentioned at all.

I suppose they might have some plans in the future to have temporary track laid down but at the moment I can’t find anything about that. In the end it’s kind of mind boggling. The rennovations will cost $170 million why not throw in a little extra cash and make an indoor track as well. It would seem to go along the lines of killing two birds with one stone…