Current runners that remind you of you


The smells of icey hot in the fieldhouse at Case, wearing cheap but meaningful 20 year old grey sweats, echoes from the enclosed atmosphere at the UW-Shell during the West Relays and all the off the wall randomness on the bus rides home that would seemingly press the limits of teenage mankind are the things I remember and cherish most [with a laugh].

In the present day a number of us continue celebrating the youth for a variety of reasons: as a coach, as a fan, as a parent, etc. But sometimes while youre watching on vicariously at the meets you’ll be struck with some deja vu. As it is with record books and sizing up the modern feats retroactively with history we already do this at times.

Here is a great example of Tim Hacker identifying with his own kids Sam and Wilson:

[Quote]“Carol (Chen) took a great picture at sectionals where they are at the starting line and they’re interacting and grinning at each other,” Tim Hacker said of the boys’ mother. "There was some shenanigans going on at the start line, they won’t tell us what, but it looks like Sam was pulling Wilson’s jersey back.

“That’s the memories I have of my brother, Jeff. We’d tease each other and we’d goof around.”[/quote]

What have you seen out there that triggers nostalgia either through your own kids or someone else in uniform? Does someone match your exact PRs and typology? Did someone match you culturally? Did an individual or group do something track that you had otherwise forgotten until you saw them do it?

When you look onto the field does anyone remind you of you or even someone else you once knew?